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1 Minimum distance to allow shortening prayer - Islam Question ...
This quoted distance is approximate and not exactly limited as per the majority of scholars, and thus what is slightly less is exempted as well. Some scholars ...
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2 Question # 33: Minimum distance for Qasr prayer
(Narrated by Malik) The distance between Makkah and At-Ta'if is about ninety kilometers. Accordingly, it is not permissible for anyone who is ...
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3 When does qasar salah becomes wajib whether it is 38 miles ...
› home › Salah-Prayer
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4 What's the distance and how many days are considered as ...
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5 Work and home distance for Qasr prayer # HUDATV - YouTube
Mar 16, 2020
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6 What is the minimum distance of travelling required to be ...
Q: For how long can one shorten prayers while on a journey? (How many days maximum).A: The criterion for Qasr Salaah is the distance being travelled and the ...
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7 When Is a Person Considered a Traveler Who Can Shorten ...
[1] According to the Hanafi school, the traveling distance is: 48 miles. [2] If one stays at university for less than 15 days and one is beyond ...
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8 How much distance must be traversed in order for ... - islamquest
1. If you are going to take a route that is 8 'Farsakhs'*, then your prayer will become 'shortened' (qasr), but if ...
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9 Ruling on Shortening The Salah While Travelling? - My Islam
There is no hadith or mention in the Quran on how far one must travel that specifies the need for Qasr Salat. The jurists argue, the minimum required distance ...
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10 Dialogue on prayer (2) - Jurisprudence Made Easy
1. The distance covered by any trip, from the home of the mukallaf, must be at least forty four kilometres, be it one way or return.
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11 The distance by which a traveller may shorten his prayers
Answer: The distance by which the prayers are shortened; some scholars specified it to be around 83 kilometers. Other scholars specified it to be whatever is ...
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12 Salat During Travel (Salat al-Musafir) -
Qasr requires the following conditions: 1. There is consensus that travelling over a certain distance is a condition. The distance in the opinion of the Hanafis ...
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13 I've few questions to ask. 1. It relates to Salat 'Qasr'. Can you ...
1) The Jamiatul Mufteen of , a Board consisting of 12 Darul Ifta's, concluded that the distance after which one could make qasr is 78 km.
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14 distance for qasr prayer hanafi - ACNUDH
› wp-content › docs › distance-for-q...
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15 How much distance before Qasr is valid? -
› ... › Jurisprudence/Laws
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16 Shortening Prayer During Travel: Better? - Fiqh
1. If the travel distance is less than the minimum distance at which shortening Prayer is permissible, according to the majority of fuqaha, which is ...
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17 What is distance required for “Qasr” in prayer? - ETEST
Minimum distance of Salat Ul Qasr is 3 Km and maximum is 48 mentioned in Ahadees. View More Details >>. Year: 2022.
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18 What is the distance required for 'Qasr' in Prayer? (CSS MPT ...
What is the distance required for 'Qasr' in Prayer? (CSS MPT 2022). A. 58 km. B. 85 km. C. 78 km. D. None of these. ➽ ➽ 》DOWNLOAD《 This Page in ...
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19 Distance from Qasr-e-Qand to
How far is Qasr-e-Qand from the equator and on what hemisphere is it? Qasr-e-Qand is 1,813.59 mi (2,918.69 km) north of the equator, so it is ...
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20 What is the distance required for 'Qasr' in Prayer? - McqsPlanet
What is the distance required for 'Qasr' in Prayer? February 21, 2022 · Admin; In Islamic Studies MCQs Set-11 · Leave a Comment on What is the distance ...
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21 The minimum distance for shortening prayer in modern age ...
› islam › comments › the_mini...
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22 Start and end of the distance of Qasr prayer - مکارم شیرازی
The distance between the last house of the departure city and the first house of the destination city should be considered as the distance for prayer to be ...
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23 Prayers of a Traveler (Musafir) | Questions on Islam
This is valid for traveling on land. The distance to be covered in the sea accompanied by moderate wind is regarded as 90 miles. The journeys shorter than the ...
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24 islam travel prayer distance - Korydallos TV
5- Surah Naas. If I visit my uncle in another city with my family for less than 15 days, then what is the ruling on qasr prayer? This is ...
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25 Is Qasr (shortening of prayers) allowed when traveling ...
Simply speaking my understanding is that you mainly stay in your house in city A which therefore is your place of residence. So once you go beyond ...
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26 salat of travellor in miles | - Sunni Port
based on this, i suppose it was mentioned that such a distance is three manzil. ... one manzil in vogue (here) is 12 'kos' and in these lands, ...
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27 Shar'i distance - wikishia
Shar'i distance (Arabic: المَسافَة الشَّرعِیَّة) is the minimum distance from one's hometown that by leaving it, one is regarded as a ...
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28 Sheikh we visited a place which is 82 kms away from my ...
So a wise man asked us to pray qasr if we have come in car. ... The distance is not the determining factor in shortening or not.
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29 The Safar Distance in Islam - My Religion Islam
› detail
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30 [Q-ID0070] Traveller scenario [1]: my journey exceeds 57.5 ...
If a traveller is going from hometown A to town B and back again on the same day, and the distance between these towns is less that the distance of qasr but ...
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31 Distance from Qasr-e Qand to Baghdad
Distance between Qasr-e Qand and Baghdad is 1761 kilometers (1094 miles) in Iran, Iraq. Also calculate the driving distance and how far is it the travel ...
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32 Distance from Qasr Iraq to Shaqlawa Iraq - Distantias
car icon The Estimated Driving Distance from Qasr to Shaqlawa 34.11 miles or 54.89 km · drive timer icon The Estimated Driving Time from Qasr to Shaqlawa is 01 ...
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33 WHAT IS THE DISTANCE OF SUTRA ? - Islamhelpline
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34 Distance from Qasr-e Qand to Iranshahr
Distance from Qaşr-e Qand to Īrānshahr is 106 kilometers. This air travel distance is equal to 66 miles.
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35 Fiqh-us-Sunnah, Volume 2: The prayer of a traveler
Ibn Hazm follows this report, and argues that if the distance is less than one mile, one is not to shorten the salah, the Messenger of Allah went to the ...
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36 Chapter 4 - Prayer of the traveller - Bayynat
If a person believes that he has covered the shar'i distance and so prays a qasr prayer, then he discovers that he is wrong, he must repeat his prayer as ...
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37 Qasr: -
If an 'Adil or a reliable person tells a traveller that the distance covered in his journey equals 8 farsakh, he should shorten his prayers, if he feels ...
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38 When can I shorten and combine prayers while travelling?
What distance must you travel before you can shorten your salah? ... You can only pray a shortened, traveller's prayer (qasr) when you are ...
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39 Whether the distance between Makkah and Jeddah ...
A: The minimum distance for which shortening Salah is permitted is that covered in a two-day journey by camel, which is about eighty kilometers. Such a distance ...
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40 Travellers Salaah (Qasr) - Gardens Of Sunnah
If a person intends to travel a distance of 57 ½ miles and will stay at the destination for 14 days or less, then they will have to do Qasr of their namaz.
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41 Distance from Qasr-e Shirin, Iran to Sulaymaniyah, Iraq,+Iran/to/Sulaymaniyah,+Iraq
The total driving distance from Qasr-e Shirin, Iran to Sulaymaniyah, Iraq is 150 miles or 241 kilometers. The total straight line flight ...
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42 About the prayer of traveller - Islamic Academy
That's why three "Manzil pl.Manaazil" (a day's journey) are reliable. On land the distance of journey is about 57 1/2 miles Only that mode of journey will be ...
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43 50 Km - Distance from Qasr to Jaber Al Ali
The distance between Qasr to Jaber Al Ali is 50 Km by road. You can also find the distance from Qasr to Jaber Al Ali using other travel options like bus, ...
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44 Salah During Travel (Qasr) - IslamicFinder
Imam Shafi'i fixed this distance at 50 miles (81 km). Shortening of the prayers commences once a person leaves the city limits and ceases when ...
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45 Al Qasr > Zahra - Driving directions - ViaMichelin
Zahra Al Qasr driving directions. Distance, cost (tolls, fuel, cost per passenger) and journey time, based on traffic conditions.
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46 What is a journey in Islam? When is one considered to be a ...
He answered, “The distance at which some of the scholars stated as a limit at which one can shorten the prayer is approximately 83km. Other ...
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47 Baladiyat Qasr Bin Ghashir (Libya) Distance Calculator and ...
Baladiyat Qasr Bin Ghashir (Libya) Driving Distance Calculator to calculate distance between any two cities, towns or villages in Baladiyat Qasr Bin Ghashir ...
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48 141: Jamak Qasar at One's Workplace - Maktabah al Bakri
Is it permissible for me to perform jamak qasar due to the long-distance travel which is more than 2 marhalah? Answer:.
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49 Shortening the prayer for the one who travelled and returned ...
is His slave and Messenger. ... stated that it is an obligation to shorten the prayer when travelling. ... is 83 km. Therefore, whoever travels this distance is ...
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50 Rules of Prayer and Fasting While Traveling -
The person must intend to travel the required religiously prescribed distance, which would make them a traveler, and be content that they ...
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51 Walking distance to Tahrir Square and... - Concord Hotel
Concord Hotel: Walking distance to Tahrir Square and the Qasr El Nil (The Nile Bridge) ... - See 127 traveler reviews, 56 candid photos, and great deals for ...
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52 The distance of <i>El-Qasr</i> (shortening prayer)
Home » The distance of <i>El-Qasr</i> (shortening prayer). Fatwa N° : 57. Title : The distance of El-Qasr (shortening prayer). Name : *. E-mail : *.
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53 Qasr: Question & Answers - Islam Awareness
Some companions of the Prophet (SAAS) used to shorten their salah when they went farms in the outskirts of Medinah City. The distance could be a mile or a bit ...
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54 Yasir Qadhi | The Definition of "Travel" (safar) According to ...
In our previous parts, we discussed the travel distance required to be ... praying qaṣr (Reported by Abu Dawud; most scholars of hadith ...
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55 Travel Rulings - Al-Ma'arif - Al Maarif Foundation
All-inclusive guidelines & information on travel, fasting, qasr, ... Are you travelling out of city limits at a minimum distance of at least ...
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56 Distances Between Libyan Cities & Sites - Temehu
Approximate Distances from the Tunisian border to Zuwarah - Sabratha - Tripoli - Sirte · Benghazi - Tokra = 65 km · Tokra - Almerj = 27 km · Almerj - Qasr Libya = ...
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57 Do you have to fast while traveling in Ramadan?
Most Islamic scholars believe that the minimum traveling distance that exempts one from fasting is 80 kilometers or 48 miles from the border of the city. In ...
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*If the traveler changes his mind on his way, or remains undecided before covering a distance of 22 km, he should offer full salat (not Qasr) but while ...
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59 Boundary of Greater Toronto Area in terms of Islamic Traveler ...
Certain distance: eight parasangs (or 44 kilometers or 27.3 miles) in the direction of journey or to and fro together.
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60 Qasr (shortening the prayers) | dawahnigeria Articles
The shortest distance which has been mentioned with respect to the shortening of Salaah is one mile. This was recorded by Ibn Abi Shaibah, with ...
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61 islam travel prayer distance - Maumee Tackle
For instance, if a person travels by plane a distance of one day over ... known as Qasr Salat (Salat during travel). you shorten the prayer ...
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AL-KAFI #1177: THE RULING OF JAMAK AND QASAR PRAYER DURING TRAVEL WITHOUT SPENDING THE NIGHT · The distance for the travel must be at least 81 km ...
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63 Travel distance: 48 miles or 54.5 miles - Islamic Portal
Accordingly, we have mentioned both views as both are famous, although 54.5 miles appears to be preferred and more cautious in relation to qaṣr.
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64 نماز قصر کتنے فاصلے پر واجب ہو جاتی ہے؟ جاوید احمد غامدی
نماز قصر کتنے فاصلے پر واجب ہو جاتی ہے؟ جاوید احمد غامدی
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65 Umm Qasr - Nagoya distance is 6670 NM - SeaRoutes
Shows the nautical distance between Umm Qasr (IQUQR) & Nagoya (JPNGO) - worldwide online service to calculate routes and distances on oceans or inland ...
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66 From which point should safar distance be calculated
Q: I have a question regarding qasr. The distance between Pietermaritzburg and Durban is 77 km which is not qasr distance. I've heard a few ...
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67 Qasr Salaah of a Musaafir (Traveller) - Hanafi Fiqh (General)
As such, if you intend to travel a distance of 78 kilometres or 48 miles or more and stay at a destination for less than fifteen days, you will ...
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68 Distance between Al Qasr the most important cities of of Kuwait
Distance between Al Qasr the most important cities of Kuwait ; Abdullah As Salam · 26 km ; Abraq Hitan · 27 km ; Abu Hulayfah · 46 km ; Ad Daiyah · 26 km ; Ad Dasmah · 28 ...
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69 150.5 Km Distance from Um Qasr to Kuwait City
You drive from Um Qasr, Iraq and trip ends at Kuwait City, Kuwait. Now that you know that the driving distances from Um Qasr to Kuwait City is 150.5 km, ...
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70 Distance for journey | Islam Reigns
If a city is so big that the distance from one's house to the limits is 50 miles, it will follow that Qasar could be made even if one's ...
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71 Qasr | Hajj and Umrah Planner
Qasr (Arabic: قصر) refers to the practice of shortening the prayer when travelling over long distances. It involves shortening the Fardh components of Dhuhr ...
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And the shortest mentioned in the distances of qasr is one mile which is reported by Ibn Abou 'Shaybah with a reliable chain of transmission ...
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73 Travelling a long distance whilst Fasting - The Hanbali Madhhab
*Long distance in the madhhab is calculated as 138km according to the official position, and around 81km according to today's fatwa of many jurists, including ...
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74 Salat-ul-Qasr or The Traveller's Prayer - Towards enlightenment
Broadly speaking, for the three scholls ie Shaf'ie, Hanbali and Maliki, they take this distance as 4 Barids or 16 Farasakh.while as the Hanafis ...
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75 Qasr prayer when travelling - - Muslim Forum
Difference of opinion as to the distance according to the hanafi's it's 48 miles/77km : The Prophet (PBUH) called a journey of one day & one ...
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76 Basra - Wikipedia
Basra is an Iraqi city located on the Shatt al-Arab. It had an estimated population of 1.4 ... not have deep water access, which is handled at the port of Umm Qasr.
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77 distance for qasr prayer hanafi - Survival Weekly
› docs › eaf5b5-distan...
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78 20 Things To Do In Cairo At Night - Travel2Next
Al-Moez street is within walking distance from Bab El Shaariya subway ... One of the most iconic bridges in Cairo is the Qasr El Nil Bridge, ...
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79 How to Go on a Road-trip from UAE to Qatar for World Cup 2022
After all, the distance from Dubai to Qatar is 690 km, ... Book Qasr Al Watan Presidential Palace Tickets in Abu Dhabi - Skip the ticket ...
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80 Islamic Rules About Travel - The Zahra Trust
The second condition: One should have the intention to cross the required legal distance from the beginning of his journey. For example, if one leaves his ...
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81 day trip to bethlehem from jerusalem
... Jericho, and Qasr El Yahud Day Trip from Jerusalem Mount Longonot ... to and from Petra as it is quite a distance from Jerusalem.
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82 First Gold Gaming Resort, Lawrence, South Dakota Start From ...
Property Rules at First Gold Gaming Resort. Check-in: 3 PMCheck-out: 11 AM ... Bab Al Qasr Hotel · Grandeur Hotel Al Barsha · Xclusive Maples Hotel Apar .
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83 Highlights of Jordan: readers' travel tips - The Guardian
The return journey from Qasr al-Bint will take about six hours, ... Heights and the Sea of Galilee lie biblically in the hazy distance and, ...
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84 Hyundai Alcazar Price - Images, Colours & Reviews - CarWale
Hyundai Alcazar is a 6 seater SUV available in a price range of ₹ 15.89 ... as well which makes things somewhat better when you have to go the distance.
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85 AlUla festival gives ancient oases a new lease of life
... and Qasr Ibn Rumman, an atmospheric example of Arabian architecture, ... of Light” — longest distance covered for a light laser display, ...
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86 French envoy reiterates France's support for World Cup
... after covering a distance of 8000 kilometers in order to enjoy the competition. ... Amir and Father Amir tour Qasr Al Hukum.
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87 Kurdistan protests: Iran military-security forces kill 25 civilians ...
... forces on 26 October during popular protests in the city of Qasr-e Shirin. ... He was shot from a distance of a few meters and killed by ...
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88 INSIDE EGYPT (@InsideEgypt) / Twitter
... the Eastern #Sahara ✓ Qasr Qarun #Temple ✓ Wadi Al-Hitan (Whale Valley) ... is the only Egyptian oasis that is the closest distance to Cairo (115 km ...
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The property will also be a short distance from The Avenues and MODA Mall, each offering the finest selections of shopping, dining and more.
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90 Men on the Rocks: The Formation of Nabataean Petra
Thus, a short-distance range of less than 240 m, a middledistance range between 240 ... of visibility between Jabal Qarun, Qasr Umm Rattam and structure 10.
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91 Geological Reports - Page 39 - Google Books Result
Camp 30 , on south side of isolated hill , bearing t N. 40 E. , distance 0825 kilom . from centre minaret in Qasr Dakhl Camp 32 bearing N. 76 ° E.
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92 Kharga Oasis: Its Topography and Geology
Camp 30 , * on south side of isolated hill , bearing † N. 40 ° E. , distance 0825 kilom . from centre minaret in Qasr Dakhl Camp 32 bearing N. 76 ° E.
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93 Dakhla Oasis: Its Topography and Geology
... distance 0.825 kilom . from centre minaret in Qasr Dakhl Camp 32 bearing N. 76 ° E. , distance l'1 kilom . from centre of Budkhulu .
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94 Geography, Urbanisation and Settlement Patterns in the Roman ...
One method of testing this is by comparing the relative distances of two ... of Al-Nabk abu-Qasr (125 km straight-line distance but with an allowance for ...
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95 Geological Survey Report... - Page 17 - Google Books Result
... distance 0 · 825 kilom . from centre minaret in Qasr Dakhl Camp 32 bearing N. 76 ° E. , distance 1'1 kilom . from centre of Budkhulu .
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96 Code of Mohammedan Personal Law According to the Hanafite School
may remove her from the place where he married her to another place , provided that the distance is less than the qasr 1 distance , whether such removal is ...
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97 Islamic Laws: by As-Samahat al-Marje' Sheikh Husain Wahid ...
prayers as qasr, even though only a small portion of his journey may be remaining. ... If a person travels between two locations several times, the distance ...
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