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1 Indiana landlord-tenant rights -
A tenant in the state of Indiana has the right to have his security deposit returned if the rental property is returned to the landlord in good order. It is ...
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2 What Are Tenant Rights in Indiana? | Housing4Hoosiers
1. You Have the Right to a Habitable Place to Live · 2. The Landlord Is Responsible for Upkeep · 3. The Landlord Must Maintain Common Areas · 4. You Have Right to ...
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3 Tenant Rights, Laws and Protections: Indiana - HUD
HUD handles complaints about housing discrimination, bad landlords in federal housing and many other issues. For additional local resources, you can also ...
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4 Renting in Indiana: A Handbook for Tenants and Landlords
The lease is your agreement between you and your landlord concerning the rental property. Your lease, and Indiana law, determine your rights when you are ...
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6 Indiana Landlord-Tenant Law | Avail
Indiana Laws on Eviction ... A landlord may evict a tenant for not paying rent or other breach of the lease. Is the landlord required to give ...
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7 Indiana Landlord Tenant Laws [2022]: Renter's Rights & FAQs
Landlord Right to Entry in Indiana ... There is no statute governing how much notice landlords must give tenants before entering the property.
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8 Indiana Landlord Tenant Law
Indiana Landlord Tenant Law protects the rights of landlords and tenants and establishes joint responsibilities. The statutes provide remedies should one of the ...
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9 Indiana Landlord Tenant Law and Statutes in Plain English
Indiana landlord tenant law requires landlords to give all tenants a written "Notice of Tenant Rights and Responsibilities" and have them sign it when ...
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10 Indiana Landlord-Tenant Laws & Rights (2022) - Lawrina
As a tenant, you have the right to live in a space that is fit and habitable. If it isn't, or there is any damage during your tenancy, you have the right to ...
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11 Indiana Tenant-Landlord Law - Hemlane
Disclosures · Comply with all obligations imposed by health and safety codes. · Keep the rental premises clean · Use electrical, plumbing, heating, and air ...
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12 Indiana Landlord Tenant Laws | Landlord and tenant rights
Rent increases. There are no limits to how much Indian landlords can raise rent but state law requires landlords to give tenants at least 30 days of written ...
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13 Indiana renters rights: No rent withholding or repair ... - IndyStar
Only five states, including Indiana, have no statute allowing a tenant to withhold rent until necessary housing repairs are made. Nor can ...
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“revolution” in landlord-tenant law.1 At first, the revolution seemed to apply in. Indiana as well as the vast majority of other states, ...
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15 Indiana Landlord Tenant Laws UPDATED 2022 - PayRent
Indiana Renters' Rights ... No. There are no Indiana laws allowing tenants from withholding rent to enforce their legal rights. ... There is no ...
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16 How to be a Landlord in Indiana -Legal Things To Know
A lease is not required, but it is advisable. In the lease, you can have the terms of the rental agreement – how much rent is being charged, ...
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17 Indiana Landlord and Tenant Duties
Indiana Landlord and Tenant Duties ... A landlord shall do the following: (1) Deliver the rental premises to a tenant in compliance with the rental agreement, and ...
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18 Indiana Landlord-Tenant Law and Legal Issues Overview
Indiana Landlord-Tenant Law ; Observe state and local health, housing and safety codes. Clean and maintain all common areas. ; Observe state and local health, ...
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19 Indiana Landlord-Tenant Law - Tips and Resources
Indiana Landlords' Rights and Tenant Responsibilities · Tenants have 10 days to pay rent after they receive a written notice · Must give a three-month notice ...
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20 Landlord – Tenant Law - Taylor Law Office
In Indiana, the landlord-tenant relationship is governed by the laws of Indiana and also by the written agreement between the landlord and the tenant.
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21 Indiana Code | Article 31 - LANDLORD-TENANT RELATIONS
Casetext, Inc. and Casetext are not a law firm and do not provide legal advice.
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22 Indiana Landlord-Tenant Laws Guide - Burbz
Tenancies 3 years or longer in Indiana require a recording of the rental agreement. If tenancy is less, it is still encouraged to create a written rental ...
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23 Landlord-Tenant Relations in Indiana - McNeely Law
Indiana code section 32-31-5-6 restricts a landlord's access to rental property by requiring landlords to provide a “reasonable” notice of entry ...
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24 Indiana Rental Laws -
Lease: Landlords must not terminate a lease, refuse to renew a lease, refuse to enter into a lease, or retaliate against a tenant who is a ...
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25 Indiana Landlord-Tenant Law: The Pitfalls of Security Deposits
This written notice must comply with specific requirements under Indiana Law. If a landlord is not returning the full deposit, the landlord must mail the ...
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26 Indiana Code > Title 32 > Article 31 – Landlord-Tenant Relations
Indiana Code > Title 32 > Article 31 – Landlord-Tenant Relations ; Chapter 8 · Landlord Obligations Under a Rental Agreement ; Chapter 8.5 · Retaliatory Acts by ...
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27 Indiana Landlord-Tenant Laws
The law simply states that “reasonable” notice must be given to the tenant in order to access the property to inspect, improve, repair or show the property.
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28 Landlord-Tenant Responsibilities and Rights
The general law of landlord-tenant relations can be found at Indiana. Code Title 32, Article 31. The City emphasizes responsibilities found at IC 32-31-8 & IC ...
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29 Indiana Code Title 32. Property § 32-31-5-6 | FindLaw
(c) Except as authorized by judicial order, a landlord may not deny or interfere with a tenant's access to or possession of the tenant's dwelling unit by ...
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30 Protecting Yourself as a Tenant in Indiana
7. Failure to act usually means you will lose. 5. Your landlord usually cannot both accept your rent and proceed with eviction.
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31 Landlord Law - Indy Advocate
In Indiana, that is what the Judge might describes as a “big No No”. Under Indiana law, when their are landlord tenant disputes, the tenant must bring his claim ...
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32 Landlord Tenant Law in Indiana - Podlaski LLP
Required Landlord Disclosures in Indiana Under Indiana law, landlords must disclose specific information to tenants (usually in the lease or ...
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33 Indiana Landlord Tenant Law - - Real Estate
Indiana landlord tenant law lets set obligations of those that rent properties as well as procedures for landlords to establish tenancy, provide adequate ...
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34 indiana tenant landlord: Fill out & sign online | DocHub
Eviction for No Lease or End of Lease In Indiana, a landlord can evict a tenant without a lease or with a lease that has ended (known as a holdover tenant or ...
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35 Indiana Eviction Process & Laws - Buildium
Indiana has one of the most lenient statutes in the country for eviction for nonpayment of rent: A landlord must typically provide 10 days' notice to pay rent ...
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36 An Overview of Landlord Tenant Laws in Indiana
Indiana landlord-tenant laws do not place a limit on the amount a landlord can charge for a security deposit. However, landlords are required to ...
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37 Indiana Landlord-Tenant Laws Regarding Mold: Know Your ...
Indiana landlord-tenant laws regarding mold are currently not present. There are no State or Federal laws or regulations requiring landlords to clean up the ...
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38 Indiana Laws On Eviction - LegalScoops
Indiana Laws on Eviction for Tenants & Landlords ... Compared to other states, Indiana has the most lenient eviction process in the country. For ...
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39 New Law Affects Indiana Landlords —
notifies a tenant's representative of the tenant's death or possible incapacity, · allows the tenant's representative reasonable access to the ...
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40 Uninhabitable Tenant Rights in Indiana - Legal Beagle
Indiana tenants' rights state that the renter has the right to live in a habitable unit. It is the landlord's responsibility to keep basic ...
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41 Indiana Landlord Tenant Laws | American Landlord - YouTube
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42 Indiana Landlord-Tenant Laws - Rentce
Indiana Rental Laws ; Tenant Withholding Rent for Repairs, No statute ; Required Disclosures, Owner or Agent Identity– Landlord must disclose in writing the name ...
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43 Indiana Landlord Tenant Law And Regulations | Rental Laws
How much may I charge for rent? Indiana doesn't limit the amount of rent a landlord is permitted to charge. Therefore a landlord may charge ...
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44 The 10 Most Common Legal Mistakes Indianapolis Landlords ...
1. Asking Discriminatory Questions – Federal Fair Housing laws prohibit Landlords from refusing to rent a property to an individual based on ...
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45 Indiana Landlord Tenant Attorneys - Lawyers
Compare and research landlord tenant attorneys in Indiana on LII. ... Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law.
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First National Realty Corp., many courts and legislatures adopted an implied- by-law warranty of habitability for residential leases, thus ...
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47 Property Rights for Tenants in Indiana
Tenants' Rights in Indiana · Indiana law requires a landlord to provide heat, water and appliances · Required to provide sanitary, plumbing and electrical systems ...
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48 Indiana's 45-Day Letter Rule
For the landlord, the law is a zero-sum game. If a landlord fails to follow the 45-Day Rule, the landlord must return all the tenant's deposit, withholding ...
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49 Eviction Laws and Tenant Rights in Indiana - Upsolve
Under Indiana law, a landlord can evict a tenant for violating the terms of the rental agreement, including not paying rent.
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50 Indiana Landlord-Tenant Law: An Important Step Forward in ...
Carter. That holding, enforcing the Indiana General Assembly's 2002 Landlord-Tenant statute, appears to bring Indiana into conformity with ...
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51 New Indiana renter's law requires tenants to have a beneficiary
EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - There's a new law for landlords in Indiana. House Bill 1252 clarifies how they should proceed if a tenant passes ...
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52 Indiana Tenant Screening - A Landlord's Guide - RentPrep
Indiana Tenant Screening Laws · The application fee is collected when the applicant turns in their paperwork to the landlord · There are no legal limits on the ...
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53 Landlord & Tenant Housing Relations Booklet - City of Elkhart
Title VIII of the federal Fair Housing Act of 1968 as amended prohibits ... For any disputes regarding non compliance with Indiana Landlord-Tenant Relations ...
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54 Landlord Tenant Law State by State
Landlord Tenant Law State by State · Notice to Terminate Tenancy, · Notice to Pay Rent or Quit (cure default or lease violation), · Maximum Security Deposit ...
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55 indiana landlord-tenant law: an important step - HeinOnline§ion=16
"revolution" in landlord-tenant law.' At first, the revolution seemed to apply in. Indiana as well as the vast majority of other states, ...
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56 Indiana Landlord-Tenant Law: An Important Step Forward in ...
Indiana Landlord-Tenant Law: An Important Step Forward in Theory Needs to be Made Real in Practice. Authors. Florence Wagman Roisman. DOI:.
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57 Muncie IN Landlord/Tenant Law Attorney Law Firm
Landlord/Tenant law encompasses many issues. Indiana statutes and Indiana case law govern Landlord/Tenant law. Frank Brinkman Law, P.C., may help you, ...
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58 4 Things Landlords Are Not Allowed to Do - Investopedia
The Fair Housing Act prohibits a landlord from discrimination in renting, representing properties, or providing services to tenants. 1:54. Click Play to Learn ...
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59 Indiana Property Management Laws
If a tenant's lease agreement is considered at will, or on a month-to-month basis, a landlord is not required to give notice if a tenant causes undue property ...
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60 Landlord 101 - General rules all Landlords should be aware of
A landlord must send a letter, giving a Tenant 14 days to remove ... Some of these Rules are solely for the Allen County, Indiana area.
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61 Lafayette, Indiana Landlord Attorney - Ball Eggleston, PC
Indiana code provides that a landlord has to return the security deposit to the tenant within 45 days of the termination of the lease. If any part of the ...
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62 Important Residential Lease Provisions You Need to Know ...
There is an important rule of landlord-tenant law that essentially says this: A landlord can (1) evict a tenant; or (2) sue a tenant for ...
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63 Landlord Tenant | Rollins Law Group | Indianapolis
When a dispute arises with a tenant or you need to start eviction proceedings, you can depend on Rollins Law Group. The Indiana Code on landlord-tenant ...
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64 Free Indiana Rental Lease Agreements | Laws - PDF - eSign
An Indiana lease agreement is a contract used for renting out property to tenants. The lease is entered into by a property owner/landlord and a tenant.
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65 Indiana Rental Laws Guide
Indiana law dictates that the landlord shall give a tenant reasonable notice, either verbal or written. The law does state that the tenant ...
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66 Indiana Rental Lease Agreement Templates - Free Forms
Indiana law does not define a specific due date or grace period in which the tenant has to supply rent to the landlord. This should be arranged within the ...
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(2) An amount paid as a subscription for or purchase of a membership in a cooperative housing association incorporated under Indiana law. As added by P.L.2-2002 ...
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68 The top 7 landlord-friendly states of 2022 - Roofstock Blog
Indiana laws have no tolerance for tenants who don't pay their rent. A landlord wishing to evict a tenant for defaulting on rent (or other ...
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69 Indiana Eviction - Immediate Possession - Landlord Guidance
A landlord's first step per the Indiana eviction laws is to serve a written 10-Day Notice to Quit. This is a simple form, which merely states that the tenant ...
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70 Indiana Eviction Process -
The first step in the Indiana Eviction Process is serving (delivering) the tenant an Eviction Notice called an Indiana Notice to Quit. In order to evict a ...
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71 Indiana Landlord Tenant Laws and Statutes
Indiana Landlord Tenant Law. Fair Housing Agency: Civil Rights Commission. 100 North Senate Avenue, Room N103. Indianapolis, IN 46204. (317) 232-2600.
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72 Landlord Tenant Law
LANDLORD-TENANT LAW · Fair Housing compliance · Tenant approval guidelines and tenant background checks · Lease violations · Compliance with local ...
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73 Coalition Urges No Veto Override On Tenant Landlord Law
Housing advocates urge Indiana lawmakers to uphold the Governors 2020 veto of a bill dealing with tenant-landlord relations.
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74 EC-713 Legal Aspects of Indiana Farmland Leases and ...
What are the lease termination requirements? How does the law protect the interests of tenants and landlords? What are a tenant's rights when rented or leased ...
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75 Can a Landlord Ignore or Refuse my Request to Sublet in ...
Indiana does have a Fair Housing Act. The law states that anyone seeking housing cannot be discriminated against for race, national origin, ...
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76 Landlords with blanket criminal bans now violate the Fair ...
Under Indiana law, a landlord can be liable to a tenant if the landlord assumes a duty to protect the tenant and then negligently performs ...
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Landlord Tenant Task Force Report. Introduction: . ... Brandon Beeler, Director of Housing Law Center, Indiana Legal Services, Inc.
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78 What You Need To Know About Eviction in Indiana - Jerry
Indiana state law lists several different reasons landlords can file for eviction, but one factor remains the same no matter what: a landlord ...
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79 New law gives Hoosier tenants some relief from eviction stigma
The bill, which sailed through the Indiana General Assembly with only a single vote in opposition, makes a key change to Indiana law by allowing ...
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80 Security Deposits - Bloom Gates Shipman & Whiteleather, LLP
Indiana has a law that all landlords must be aware of. Indiana Code 32-31-3-12 requires a landlord to return a security deposit to a tenant.
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81 Landlord-Tenant Law Workshop
Presented by Our Indiana Real Estate Lawyer · Ethical considerations for landlord and tenant law · Information on conflicts of interest · Lease ...
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82 Article 31. Landlord--Tenant Relations - Statutes
Legal Information: Indiana ... Property; » Article 31. Landlord--Tenant Relations ... Title 31. Family Law and Juvenile Law.
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83 What Happens if My Landlord Sells the House or Apartment ...
There are instances where a tenant could be forced to move out after a sale to a ... Your security deposit is covered under Indiana law and, ...
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84 Legal FAQs for Renters in Indiana
What do the eviction protections mean for Indiana renters? · Your landlord can initiate an eviction against you. · Court hearings on eviction may ...
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85 Indiana's Law on Landlord Security Deposit Returns With ...
Under Indiana law, landlords can deduct from their tenants' security deposits if they send them a written itemization of damages and associated ...
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86 Free Indiana Eviction Notice Forms | Process & Laws - Word
An Indiana eviction notice is a document that allows a landlord to notify their tenant that they have committed a lease violation.
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87 Holding Landlords Accountable for Indiana Apartment Accidents
Landlords, like all property owners, have a duty to ensure that the houses and apartments they rent to tenants are safe.
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88 Indiana Renters Insurance: Required by Law?
And, the landlord can, in fact, require the renter to have liability insurance. When signing a new lease, or after proper legal notice for a ...
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89 Indiana Lease Termination Letter | 30-Day Notice
Indiana law requires a landlord to provide at least 30-days' notice to a month-to-month tenant to move off of the property. If the tenant fails to move out ...
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90 Controversial landlord-tenant preemption passes legislature
A bill that would take away Indianapolis' ability to better regulate the relationship between a landlord and a tenant passed the Indiana ...
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91 Landlord Duties in Indiana - Camden & Meridew, P.C.
The relationship between a landlord and the tenants is a balancing act between the rights and duties of the other. Generally, landlords in ...
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92 Landlord Information | South Bend Housing Authority
Landlords must follow all Indiana laws. Landlords are required to send copies of notices to the Housing Specialist at HASB. These notices ensure that the ...
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93 Tenant rights in Indiana: Landlord decided not to renew lease ...
A landlord may choose not to renew a lease for any reason! You need to check the laws concerning the amount of notice required. I know in CO it can be up to 90 ...
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94 Tenant Assistance: Projects: Experiential education: Academics
The Tenant Assistance Project (TAP) provides legal help to tenants who face an immediate threat of eviction. Staffed by law students under the supervision ...
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95 2020 House Bills - Indiana State REIA
(Current law requires a landlord to give at least 30 days written notice before modifying the rental agreement in any way.) SB 442 Residential landlord-tenant ...
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96 Indiana's Landlord-Tenant Law Regarding Air Conditioning
If the AC is the landlord's property and responsibility to maintain it, Indiana landlord-tenant laws allow the landlord a "reasonable period of time" to ...
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97 Indiana Senate votes to override Holcomb's veto of landlord ...
If it becomes law, Senate Enrolled Act 148 would prevent all local governments from regulating any aspect of landlord-tenant relationships ...
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