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1 HLDJ Sound Downloads - Home
Here you can find all sorts of free easy to download, working HLDJ sounds. Head on over to the sound page to download different sounds.
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2 HLDJ :: Half-Life DJ
"Radio Raheem has just released HLDJ Sound Library, what it does is it installs a small program that lists all converted HLDJ songs and lets you download them ...
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3 How to install HLDJ and edit sound files for HLDJ.
After you start HLDJ and start your game, go to console and type la (list audio) and select the sound in the list by typing the number that is ...
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4 Play Sound Files Through Mic - HLDJ Guide - Steam Community
Play sounds - like voices or music - through your mic...
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5 HLDJ Sounds - EY.MD
› HLDJ Sounds
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6 How to play sounds in CSS (With HLDJ) - YouTube
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7 General Discussion - HLDJ/Voice Spam/Etc. - DOTABUFF
I had a lot of fun spamming sounds in game with HLDJ in Source 1 (For example: Get first blood and play the "Impressive" sound file from quake, ...
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8 Are there no programs like SLAM or HLDJ for Linux? - Reddit
I'd like to be able to pipe audio output to microphone input and bind sounds to keys. For example, I press the o key and it plays a sound ...
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9 Hldj Fix (Sound) - Jailbreak - HeLLsGamers
With the recent update to csgo jailbreak, most of your hldj clips will sound like a squeaky chipmunk singing from hell.
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10 SoundPad (HLDJ) - Play sounds on Numpad - AutoHotkey
SoundPad (HLDJ) - Play sounds on Numpad ... A classic script for playing sounds on demand. Could be used for voicechat trolling, RP gaming etc.
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11 Forum thread: HLDJ sounds :) |
Please post the craziest, funniest and the best sounds you have ever used in HLDJ. Please try uploading them on some websites(for example, ...
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12 what are some good HLDJ sounds to use? - Team Fortress 2
For Team Fortress 2 on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "what are some good HLDJ sounds to use?" - Page 2.
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13 HLDJ download |
Audio recorder provides the simplest way to help you record System Sound, Microphone, or both. With the help of this Audio Capture, you can ...
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14 Where do you get your HLDJ sounds - MPGH - MultiPlayer Game ...
› forum › 461-steam-games › 71...
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15 HLDJ does not reproduce sounds in the COP. HLDJ ...
HLDJ does not reproduce sounds in the COP. HLDJ Management In the game. Good afternoon or evening user PLAYNTRADE. From this article you can download HLDJ for ...
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16 Looking for plugin to block HLDJ - AlliedModders
Hi guys, recently I've had a huge influx of trolls blasting sounds/songs through HLDJ. I've seen a "Block HLDJ" plugin on a couple servers, ...
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17 Cross-platform sound-over-mic system for Source engine games
SourceSound v0.0.1-SNAPSHOT. Cross-platform sound-over-mic system for Source engine games, inspired by HLDJ and SLAM ...
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18 csgoMP - a Linux compatible soundboard for cs:go
You can then play music or sound effects to your friends in game. It is similar to the HLDJ and SLAM programs for Windows (but more limited in functionality at ...
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19 HLDJ - SoundCloud
Play HLDJ on SoundCloud and discover followers on SoundCloud | Stream tracks, albums, playlists on desktop and mobile.
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20 SLAM - Source Live Audio Mixer - For CS:GO, CS:S and TF2
Source Live Audio Mixer - SLAM Lets you share sounds over the built in communication system of source games - CS:GO, CSS and TF2.
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21 Playing Sound Clips | Skial
I'm just wondering if their is any way to play sound clips to keys ... HLDJ shouldn't work on any Skial servers except maybe on Bott's idle.
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Now go back to your HLDJ folder and create another folder within it and name it Audio (if you haven't already), this is where all your .wav ...
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23 Having problems converting to a .wav - Audacity Forum
... to convert a song to a .wav file, (for use in TF2, via HLDJ) but ... I origionally opened to some kind of background sounding music.
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24 Music over the microphone — Icrontic
So lately there has been a disturbing lack of music and other sounds in voice chat so I started setting up HLDJ/HLSS in an attempt to remedy ...
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25 万博体育官网hldj-【 推荐ee1499·com 】
Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Logo - Mobile ... 万博博彩b35c-【♈推荐ee1499·com♈】-万博博彩-万博体育官网hldj-【♈推荐ee1499·com♈】-万博体育官网-万博体育app ...
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26 HLDJ conversion tutorial - ]HeLL[ Clan
I have been requested by many to make a tutorial on how to convert sounds for HLDJ that have excellent quality so it goes like this Programs ...
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27 HLDJ Sound Pack CS GO Jackpot - L'ATELIER DU 2
Kennels Jackpot Bullypedia Jackpot GO CS HLDJ Pack Sound canlı bahis. Bundan dolayı da birçok erişim engeli gibi durumlar ile karşı karşıya kalıyor.
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28 Implemented - sv_use_steam_voice 0
As it has been said, external audio devices (like HLDJ) could play sounds through-mic, which would pretty much bring new players.
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29 Playing sounds or music through VoIP - DayZRP
Edit 2: And when I say playing sounds through your microphone, ... I have had experience in playing music with things like HLDJ in ...
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30 My mic is messing up people's game sound - Facepunch Forum
My mic is messing up people's game sound in Gmod, I used HLDJ and i think that is the problem. i tryed to uninstall it by going to add ...
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31 Addons - bonbon
Lets admins make disco on map point (lasers, colored fog, songs, spinning disco ball) ... Stop annoying HLSS/HLDJ sounds on your server!
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32 Half-Life DJ: App Reviews, Features, Pricing & Download
Play your favorite music for others to enjoy, take requests, or play hilarious audio clips - HLDJ lets you keep your audience entertained!
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33 Mic Sounds [Archive] - Steam Gamers Community
Does anybody know how to get thoose hilarious mic sounds that many players play once in a while. ... Go To Youtube and Type in HLSS or HLDJ?
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34 Category: Progress Reports - The Take!
HLDJ, if you don't know, allows you to play music and sound effects over the ... the sounds of Cleon's fists connecting with some hapless Destroyer's face, ...
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35 Mic Spamming - Urban Dictionary
Annoying, entertaining, or just out right stupid sounds, music, and such. ... And playing them through the game with programs such as HLSS or HLDJ.
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36 [HLDJ/HLSS] Broke T.T [Archive] - IBIS Gaming Forums
Well Tittle Saids It All.... HLDJ/HLSS Will Be Broke Until Updated :dead: A Few Sites Saids The Server Owner Could Do This Or We Could Just ...
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37 Banned from a TF2 HLDJ Micspam server - DeviantArt
Banned from a TF2 HLDJ Micspam server ... I've been called Giapet for years, but I just don't really think it sounds good or suits me.
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38 Captain Falcon Sound Pack :) | Page 2 - Smashboards
you mean the melee sound effects for falcon? you want to give me 20 ... Crap I want to use CF's sounds in HLDJ but I suck at converting ...
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39 HLDJ, HLSS, other music playing shit. - Gang Garrison 2
why is this here? beacuse hldj and hlss can only be used for games. ... as the latter will cause your song to sound distorted.
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40 HLDJ problem - Newgrounds
I haven't posted on this board in years...o_0 I've downloaded HLDJ fine and it works great, so long as I get the MP3 of the sound file and ...
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41 Member application - [CKW] Gaming
4) Well i dont have mic but i have HLDJ so if some one of u guys give me FUN or trolling song sounds or TV frases i wil be very happy )))
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42 HLDJ Sound Pack CS GO Jackpot
0.062. Daire GO HLDJ CS Sound Jackpot Pack fonksiyonun. - KizlarSoruyor. (H.520)'da GO Pack CS HLDJ Jackpot Sound DÜNYANIN EBEVEYNLERİNE.
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43 Jimmy Lewis - Is That Any Way To Treat A Lady - Discogs
Label: Hotlanta – HLDJ-304. Format: ... Matrix / Runout (A-Side Runout Etching): K-8118 AL 4305HL 304 M Sound Pit Milan A MT EMT ...
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44 Making MP3s play through microphone - ARMA 3
the player uses the radio menu to play a custom sound eg: 0-0-1. the ... I didn't mean in the TS, I mean in-game, kind of like HLDJ for CSS ...
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45 Sound card causing static noise on microphone - Seven Forums
Hi, I recently bought new PC and got this Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium sound card with it. Problem with it is that when I try to ...
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46 slaraka hldj spam [Archive] - KSFClan
he is spamming hldj and i can not mute him in player list he is ... First of all it was winamp, and playing sound files isn't against the ...
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47 Download hldj images for free
Download hldj images for free. hldj скачать бесплатно install edit sound files team download 6+cara · HLDJ - скачать HLDJ для CS 1.6 и CSS бесплатно.
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48 Micspam - definition - Encyclo
1) Originally described as the act of repeatedly playing sounds, music, ... is often used to accomplish this, including HLDJ and Virtual Audio Cable.
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49 Team Fortress 2 Megathread Level 27: New Year, Old Bots
I made a lot of my earliest internet friends because I didn't have a working mic for a long time, so I started building my own library of custom HLDJ sounds ...
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50 Anti HLSS/HLDJ - Modding Discussion - Steam Gamers (This is a little addon, that allows you to stop annoying HLSS sounds on your server.)
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51 BBC Sounds on Twitter: "A British man from Bradford joined ...
Beyond Today - Louis Theroux - BBC Sounds ... Like having a famous father. Most of his documentaries are pointless and intrusive. 1. 1. hldj.
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52 Is there a way to play the Headshot sound in CSGO ... - Arqade
Powerlord is correct here. Unless you host your own server which specifically plays the "Headshot" sound from UTournament, you won't be able to play a soundfile ...
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53 List of CS:S Soundscapes - Valve Developer Community
Sound of machinery starting up, running then shutting down. assault.uppertracks, Continual city white noise, occasional sounds of trains, sirens ...
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54 SLAM : alternative à HLDJ sur le forum Counter-Strike
Yo je viens de voir un post sur reddit, apparement SLAM est bien mieux que HLDJ vu qu'on peut faire un bind par sound, contrairement à HLDJ, ...
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55 Resolved - Report against AWW JEEZE RICK | BlackWonder.TF
Micspamming/Playing Sounds Over Mic/HLDJ Upload any proof you have here! Provide any links to proof here!
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56 Oddities, extra eyes requested - Ulysses
I'm trying to prevent HLSS or HLDJ players from using the ... Anti Noise/HLSS/DJ (or anti any other play sounds from mic input program) ...
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57 r/hldj - Reddit post and comment search - SocialGrep
Hello, I have a weird issue here. So, whenever I have HLDJ playing a song, it just plays things through the mic. I check to make sure I have voice_inputfromfile ...
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58 Does knife make sound csgo? FAQs & Answers - GS2US.COM
How to turn off the dominant sound in CS GO? Why do people switch to knives after surgery? How to disable custom maps in CSGO? How to use Slam? What is HLDJ?
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59 Horror comics webtoon. Women feel like aliens that have to ...
Philip's brain Oct 27, 2021 · A strange and creepy webcomic from Emily Carroll about a woman housesitting for a family, haunted by the sounds she hears — or ...
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60 HLDJ Sound Pack CS GO Jackpot -
Pack GO Jackpot HLDJ CS Sound 299 TL. Göz Çevresi Bakımı. " "HP LaserJet Pro M428FDN Çok Fonksiyonlu Lazer Yazıcı Sıfır Faturalı Garantili - ARAS Kargo.
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61 Sound is distorted and slow-motion-ish when something is ...
Right, as the title says, my sound works but if I listen to a song or play a game, the sound goes in slow-motion and is distorted.
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62 Godzilla ps4. 99 PS5 PS4 Premium Edition Sonic Frontiers ...
This thing sounds crazy, probably one of the most unique sounds in the game. 19 shipping. It was first released Godzilla PS4 ...
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63 Syrinscape: Sound Effects & Ambient Music for RPGs
Syrinscape is a revolutionary sound app providing epic sound effects and ambient music for all your favourite tabletop games. Try Syrinscape for FREE today.
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64 Royalty Free Sound Effects - GDC Game Audio - SONNISS
Royalty Free Sound Effects Archive: GameAudioGDC. Each year we give away thousands of dollars worth of sounds for free in celebration of the Game Developers ...
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65 Gachi Sound Pack - 101 Soundboards
... List of Azumanga Daioh episodes, List of Future Card Buddyfight episodes, Isfahan,. 329 MP3 sound effects & quotes to play and download.
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66 Ultimate Duke Nukem Soundboard
TEXT A SOUND. Send any sound on this board via text message. U.S. only. ---- Please select a track ---- ...
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