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1 ZX81 video issues | Vintage Computer Federation Forums
The ZX-81's RF modulator is built into the machine. It's video output was designed to plug straight into a TV's antenna input.
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2 ZX81 Repair Part 3. Problems and Panic - YouTube
Retro Tech Ralph
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The problem appears to be a timing issue caused by a design or implementation fault. That's rather hard to solve by remote/distance fault ...
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4 ZX81 video display issues
Hi, my ZX81, when tuned in just shows a black screen. When first turned on it worked OK, but now just has a black screen.
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5 On the video signal generated by the ULA of the ZX81
That portion of the video signal is generated directly by the ULA; early ZX81s just don't generate a back porch, which was seemingly good enough ...
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6 ZX81 Video Conditioning Mods - Oli's old stuff
Modern TVs have issues with the ZX81 RF signal, and most common solution is for people to modify their ZX81 for composite video out. Knowing ...
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7 ZX81/TIMEX-SINCLAIR 1000 Composite Video Mod Part 2
ZX81/TIMEX-SINCLAIR 1000 Composite Video Mod Part 2 - Plus Troubleshooting · Spoiler Alert! · What is a Back Porch, and why do I need one? · My ...
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8 Sinclair ZX81 Restoration
#1: Modify the RF video output to display composite video instead. #2: Replace the original voltage regulator with a modern switch-mode ...
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9 The Hobbit Videos for Sinclair ZX81/Spectrum - GameFAQs
› ... › Adventure › Text
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10 Building A Sinclair ZX81 In 2022 With All New Parts - Hackaday
The problem with the ZX81 is that the CPU-driven video doesn't turn out to save that much circuitry. Consider the Jupiter Ace, which has a parts ...
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11 Sinclair ZX81 ZXVid - Composite Video/ULA Fix (self-fit)
Purchase Sinclair ZX81 ZXVid - Composite Video/ULA Fix (self-fit) from ... There are two main problems which face users of Sinclair ZX81 Home Computers -.
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Composite Video output for the models Sinclair ZX81 and ZX80. ... auction website not one customer has had any problems getting a good picture on their TVs.
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13 Composite video at the ZX81 and ZX Spectrum - Google Sites
One problem on the ZX81 is that the image is quite dark. The ZX Spectrum does a better job.
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14 Build your own ZX-81 computer, from discrete pin-through ...
A problem by the way with releasing the KiCad files, ... Do you have any scope captures of known good ZX81 composite video that could be ...
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15 ZX81 Video Signal - Forum des ZX-Team
About the keypresses - this is done with address lines and the keyboard inputs. This might be a problem with a bad contact and open keyboard ...
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16 Composite Video Modification for the ZX81
The ZX81 video circuitry is driven directly by the ULA and, ... I did have a lot of problems with this project – it was quite fiddly in ...
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17 ZX81 - Timex/Sinclair Computers
... 2068 Power Supply - Make It Cooler & Quieter · 2068 Power Supply Problem? ... Add an RS-232 Port to Your ZX81 · Add Direct Video Output to Sinclair ZX81 ...
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18 Sinclair ZX81 - composite mod and repairs. -
Video output. Once I've sorted out simple problems, I was ready to connect my little precious computer … and … F>A>I>L.
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19 Adding Composite video to a Sinclair ZX81
The problem nowadays is that such TV sets are increasingly rare. Digital has replaced analogue broadcasting in many countries meaning TV sets ...
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20 NO$ZX - Nocash
o mjaap - about 100 ZX81 programs. o ZX80 hardware page - how to build your own zx80... o ZX81 Video - video signal specs, sample code...
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21 Scans – ZX81 Video Display System -
The standard ZX81 video screen displays 24 rows of 32 characters. ... patterns but for many application (games etc) this is not a problem.
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22 Sinclair ZX81 | Platform - VideoGameGeek
The flicker problem of the ZX80 was solved through the use of hardware which allowed the video update and CPU processing to happen simultaneously, ...
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23 How to determine if my ZX81 works or not? -
› forums › viewtopic
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24 ZX80 - Wikipedia
The Sinclair ZX80 is a home computer launched on 29 January 1980 by Science of Cambridge ... Graphics, 24 lines × 32 characters or ... Successor, ZX81 ...
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25 I wonder if anyone has managed to connect a ZX81 to a ...
Modern TVs are pretty poor at displaying analogue video. All sorts of retro computers and consoles have quirky video output. Most retro enthusiasts use an ...
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26 - Sinclair ZX81 ZXVid - Composite...
(a) is caused by the weakness of the video signal from the Sinclair ZX81 and can be cured by converting the ZX81 to composite video. (b) is more difficult - ...
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27 Sinclair ZX81 Vintage Computers & Mainframes for sale - eBay
Sinclair ZX81 ZX 81 Vintage Computer, Tested, Number Keys not Working ... Vintage Computing Today Magazine May 1981 - Video Genie Sinclair ZX81 ZX80 Atom.
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28 The Dinosaur computer | Modular Circuits
The next problem was: how to not select the on-board RAM chip, ... Again, not something that's useful with the ZX81, where video generation is done by the ...
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29 Timex Sinclair 1000 - little bat
The first computer that Timex sold was a relabled ZX81, with only minimal ... is running in a ZX81 or TS1000 and creates 312 or 240 video lines per frame, ...
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30 ZX81 Video Monitor Perfection?
Simply put, the ZX81 does not output a chomiance (colour) signal, only a luminance (black and white) signal, any colour induced into the picture ...
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31 Useful Notes / ZX Spectrum - TV Tropes
The Speccy is based on a couple of earlier computers, the ZX80 and ZX81. ... As a video game computer, the ZX Spectrum had some blatant technical ...
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32 I recently found a complete Sinclair 1000, but the video output ...
305 subscribers in the ZX81 community. Subreddit for the Sinclair ZX81. ... Here's a video I took of the problem.
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33 Sinclair ZX81 ULA Ferranti ULA 2C210E Fix Those ZX81 ...
... ZX81 ULA Ferranti ULA 2C210E Fix Those ZX81 Video Display Problems. ... with dark blurred cursor, and various other display problems.
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34 ZX81 Black screen - Spectrum Computing
If the screen is completely black, then it could be a power problem (does the case get warm?) Otherwise, it's a faulty ULA that normally ...
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35 Euro-ZX81 - Knaap IC
(also see jumper descriptions) The Euro ZX81 has a Composite Video output which ... Also there may be problems with the keyboard being slightly unreliable ...
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36 Sinclair ZX81 Home Computer - Software Downloads.
This program shows the use of ZX81 video routines to display a ... have to turn all of the lights off - the only problem is that switching some lights off, ...
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37 Appendix: ZX81 Hardware Modifications - Springer Link
Another problem which has been mentioned is that the power supply issued with the machine sometimes causes a slow ripple to pass through the picture.
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38 us zx81 composite video - Muldrf's Hobbytronic
Posts about us zx81 composite video written by Travis Durf. ... one capacitor was bad on it, but replacing that did not correct the problem.
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39 ZX81plus38 simple to build ZX-81 clone - RevSpace
New is my attempt to support the canonical cassette loading video bars. 8. October 13, 2019, schematic rev1.1 (some errors fixed, added ZX81 ROM support). Found ...
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40 The Complete Sinclair ZX81 Basic Course (Retro ...
Videos. Help others learn more about this ...
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41 vLA81 - ZX81 ULA Replacement from Charlie Ingley on Tindie
The vLA81 is a modern plugin replacement for the ZX81 ULA. It is one of several ULA replacements I have made for members of the Sinclair computer family ...
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42 ZX81 - Wikiwand
The ZX81's built-in RF modulator can output a video picture to either a UHF ... Clive Sinclair strongly denied any problem with reliability:.
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43 ZX81 and TV RGB output - Atari-Forum
I've added TV RGB (15khz) output to the Sinclair ZX81 core. ... I get video output on my LCD and my Sony PVM until I try and load a game.
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44 Zx81 Assembly Instructions. - Quantum Bits
Congratulations on your purchase of a ZX81 Computer Kit. ... (e) In general static electricity only becomes a problem when the ... for 60hz U.s.A. video.
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45 sinclair zx81 -
Video/audio output, The ZX81 has essentially text-only, ... In order to alleviate this problem for computation-intensive programs, ...
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46 Video distorted when using Direct Video - MiSTer FPGA Forum
I have a problem when using the spectrum core with direct video enabled - i get a distortion close to the top of the screen.
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47 Frequently asked questions about ZX81
ZX81 is a small computer with Z80A CPU, 1k RAM and 8K ROM with BASIC. ... The complete video-signal is generated together with this SLC, the CPU and only ...
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48 Sinclair Computers: Gone But Not Forgotten - TechSpot
Attached to the rear of this ZX81 is the notorious 16 kB RAM ... The screen blanking problem was gone, and there was even basic audio output ...
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49 Assembly Listing of the Operating System of the Sinclair ZX81
The video hardware ; is able to read these characters and, ... flicker problem of the ZX80 and gave the ZX81 a multi-tasking SLOW mode ...
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50 Minstrel ZX80 Clone Video Output Enhancement
There are various circuits around for solutions to this, mainly for the ZX81. There is more of a problem there as the only signal available ...
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51 is ZX81 not working / having issues for you? - 99images
Do you have ZX81 app problems? ... ZX81 app may not be working for you due to some issues that your device may ... Audio / video loading problem with ZX81.
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52 Sinclair ZX81 - Computer History
In the ZX80 and ZX81, the video output was generated by the Z80 chip. In the ZX80, when a program ran the screen blanked until the program paused again for ...
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53 Life of Pixel: Book 1 - ZX81 by Claire Hill - Goodreads
Start by marking “Life of Pixel: Book 1 - ZX81 (Life of Pixel - An Adventure Through Video Game Machines)” as Want to Read: Want to Read saving…
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54 Category:Sinclair ZX81 BASIC - Rosetta Code
Sinclair ZX81 BASIC is the dialect of BASIC resident in ROM on the ... Since there is no separate video chip, the CPU spends about 75% of ...
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55 Sinclair ZX81 System Story - Nostalgia Nerd
Your browser can't play this video. ... Even with the initial supply issues, the ZX81 was the first mass market home machine that could be bought from high ...
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56 Zx81 Manual PDF - Daniel Schehl
Personal Computer News Issues 1-110 PDF Magazine PCN Apple/ZX81/Atom 16 GB USB. ... ROM Disassembly CCB Video ZON X81 Machine Code Assembly Tutorial Forth.
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57 ZX81 - Freethought Blogs –
Around 1981 or 1982, I got a Sinclair ZX81, probably for Christmas ... Blu-Tack to cure what became known as the “RAM pack wobble” problem.
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58 A New Lunar Lander for the ZX81 / Timex Sinclair 1000
After what seems like months in space your crew is on a final descent onto the planet's moon. The autopilot should have no problem handling a ...
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59 ZX81 Chroma 81 SCART Interface - Picture Improvement
The RF video signal from the ZX81 deviates from the standards defined for the PAL and ... Sinclair rectified this problem with the release of ULA 2C210E.
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60 Sinclair - ZX 81 (EightyOne) - Libretro Docs
However, 81-libretro only emulates the Sinclair ZX81 with 16Kb RAM for now. ... Change how the video is emulated (if Chroma 81 is enabled, the video is set ...
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61 Updates to the ZX81 Collection
Continued indexing, completed ZX81 references from Sinclair User issues 2, 3 and 4. 28/06/2007. Added a page describing the TS1500 composite video modification.
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62 ZX81 Video Index | Machine Releases - Everygamegoing
ZX81 Video Index is a utility for the Sinclair ZX81 first released by Video Software. ... ZX81 Video Index. Sinclair ZX81. Report A Problem ...
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63 Back in the Day: The Video Games We Were Playing in March ...
The successor to Sinclair's ZX80, the ZX81 was designed to use as few components and be as cheap as possible for a public eager to get involved ...
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64 ZX81 Main Page: English - Angelfire
The ZX81 Euro CPU board contains the Z80 CPU, RAM, EPROM, and most ICs that have many address and data connections. The ZX81 Euro Video board ...
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65 Bootup Problem That Will Stump Even Batocera Jedis
ZX81-Is-Pure-Evil This symptom is that of Batocera being unable to write data to the drive, even if it can read it fine. Try creating a test ...
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66 Sinclair ZX81 - Retro Gamer
Why the ZX81 was great… It was cheap as chips; a physical checklist of fixed problems and subtle tweaks to the ZX80, with 30 quid shaved off ...
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67 Rescuing a ZX81 Type-In Program | Bumbershoot Software
Lines 60 and 70 both either set or remove inverse-video from a character ... The most direct solution to our speed problem is to port the ...
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68 The Sinclair ZX-81 on Linux - Michael Minn
Video display was handled by the CPU with computation occuring in the 25 video retrace lines...although there was a "Fast Mode" in which the display went blank ...
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69 ZX81 Emulation - Perfectly Normal Site
Various online examples of HiRes code work perfectly within an emulator but causes severe video sync problems on a real ZX81.
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70 ZX81 - The Spectrum Show
The ZX80 had little in the line of games, it's poor screen routines made that almost impossible, but the ZX81 fixed all of those problems and game companies ...
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71 ZX81 Manual, Chapter 2 - 1000BiT
The computer lets you know that it expects a keyword by the [K] that you had to start off with. There is almost always some white-on-black (inverse video) ...
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72 BitWrangler (@bitwrangleruk) • Instagram photos and videos
Boards from @pcbway #zx81 composite mod · New #zx81 video mod installer. Much better picture than the basic capacitor mod.
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73 ZX Computing Issue 5 | Magazines from the Past Wiki - Fandom
Keyboard overlays from Quicksilva - (44); Loading problems?: ... Scout 1 - ZX81 from Asher Kuehn - (47); Soft options: Video-Sketch, Video-Map, Video-View, ...
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74 Sinclair ZX81 - Retro Isle
Work on the ZX81 hardware began in September 1979, even before the launch of ... and also to fix some of the most annoying problems of the earlier machine.
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75 ZX81 Composite PCB -
The second caused me a few more problems, I couldn't get a stable ... Fitting into the ZX81 is a little 'fiddly' as the video modulator case ...
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76 Playing with Sinclair ZX81 / Timex Sinclair 1000 / Timex ...
The Timex Sinclair 1500 fixes the back porch problem. You can use a very simple 1 transistor circuit to convert them to composite video ...
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77 Sinclair ZX81: 30 years old • The Register Forums
Ugly as sin, and made the RAM pack wobble problem different, ... Sorry, but the ZX81 did not contain dedicated video circuitry to prevent ...
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78 Cannot Get Video Amp to work | Electronics Forums - Maker Pro
I got the most information by searching for "zx81 video" and "zx81 ula pin 16" ... people are having problems connecting the video output to modern devices.
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79 Assembly Listing of the Operating System of the Sinclair ZX81.
The video hardware ; is able to read these characters and, ... flicker problem of the ZX80 and gave the ZX81 a multi-tasking SLOW mode ; with a steady ...
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80 The Sinclair ZX-81/TS-1000 - Nora Codes
The ZX81 was, however, notorious for connection problems with this ... TV with composite video input, the ZX81's ULA fed a composite signal, ...
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81 [ Retro Scan of the Week ] Memotech ZX81 Modules
It was comparably heavy module, perhaps even heavier than the ZX itself and that was the major problem with it: It was just plugged in onto the ...
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82 Emulate the Sinclair ZX81 home computer with Linux
Emulation is the practice of using a program (called an emulator) on a PC to mimic the behaviour of a home computer or a video game console, ...
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83 ZX80 hardware page - Grant Searle's
Follow this link to build an NMI generator which, when used with the ZX80 circuit detailed below and the ZX81 ROM, will produce a FULLY ...
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84 People's Computer: Sinclair ZX81 - Computerphile
... The Problem with JPEG: This video ...
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85 InfoWorld - Apr 27, 1981 - Page 1 - Google Books Result
The ZX81 corrects this problem by introducing FAST and SLOW commands in BASIC. If the user specifies the fast speed, the computer will blank the video ...
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86 Early Home Computers - Page 620 - Google Books Result
There were problems with durability, reliability and over-heating (despite ... While the successor ZX81 used a semicustom chip (a ULA or Uncommitted Logic ...
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87 Sinclair ZX81 - MCbx
Despite these problems, ZX81 gained its popularity and endorsed a huge (if ... Possible upgrades: Composite video output, some memory (16K, 32K) expansions.
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88 ZX97 Lite - MCbx - 8-bit computers collection
In 1997 Mr Wilf Righter designed ZX97 - a ZX81 equivalent computer without dedicated ULA chip, ... Tape I/O, serial I/O in tape port, monochrome video.
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89 Sinclair ZX81 case - Cults 3D
BTW the case in the picture is an actual ZX81 that I used to make the model here ... JPG Free STL file Sinclair ZX81 case・3D print model to
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90 A Timex-Sinclair 1000 learns to love again | Leaded Solder
Tags: computer sinclair zx81 ts1000 repair ... It sprung right to life and displayed some black-and-white video with the infamous “inverted ...
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91 ZX81 | Ingmar's Retroblog
The former antenna socket is converted into a video output. First, the two wires coming out of the modulator are unsoldered from the motherboard ...
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92 The Type Fantastic - Changes
Added 17 ZX Computing programs: (ZX81) Crazy Balloon, Drop-Out, The House, ... Added index entries for 12 issues of Computer & Video Games ( Dave Foreman ) ...
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93 The Video Game Explosion: A History from PONG to Playstation ...
Many European releases of video games have been later than those in the United ... This was followed up by the ZX81 in March 1981 with an even lower price ...
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94 Face-Off: ZX Spectrum vs. Commodore 64 |
"C64 game programmers made the most out of the video hardware that was ... I was originally a Spectrum boy - well a ZX81 then a Spectrum boy ...
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95 Now Is a Good Time to Build My Mini ZX81 - Reid's For Fun
The four chip Sinclair ZX81 was the first computer I owned and I ... I used a modified tile for the video and tape sockets, but only one.
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96 How to capture old computer and games RF output [Archive]
3. Connecting the composite video out of a TV set that is showing the ZX-81 picture to the composite input of the capture card initially shows a ...
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