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1 get_category_link() | Function
To produce a link to a Category using permalinks, obtain the Category Base value from the Options > Permalinks Administration Screen, and append the category ...
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2 Wordpress get category link - php - Stack Overflow
I want to ask on how to get the link of each category that have related post on it. I only got some code that will only display parent ...
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3 Topic: Create hyperlink to categories? | Forums
Custom Link – Adds a custom URL linking to another site. Category – Shows a feed of blog posts from a given category. Tag – Shows a feed of blog ...
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4 How to change the URL of categories and tags on WordPress
The base for categories and tags on WordPress is the part of the URL that is present right with the category name. ... You have your domain name, ...
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5 WordPress Category URL - YouTube
Apr 24, 2022
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6 Setting the Category or Tag URL Base in WordPress
You can set the Category or Tags URL base in the Permalinks menu under the Optional section. This means that you determine how the URL will ...
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7 How to Change the Category Base Prefix in WordPress
Each category on your WordPress site gets its own page and RSS feed. You can view all posts filed under a category by visiting that category ...
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8 How do I get the category URL from get_the_category?
Use: get_category_link( $category_id );. See: In your specific case:
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9 How To Link To Current Category In WordPress - WPExplorer
How to create a custom breadcrumb navigation with a WordPress code snippet to link to your current post's category or with the free Yoast ...
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10 Function Reference/get category link
Description. Returns the correct url for a given Category ID. In a Plugin or Theme, it can be used as early as the setup_theme Action.
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11 Add category page link to WordPress menu - Themes Harbor
Adding category links to a WordPress menu · In your dashboard, navigate to Appearance → Customize to open the Customizer. · In the Customizer, ...
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12 How to manage link categories on Wordpress - avada
Manage link categories on WordPress · Step 1: Click on Link Categories located in the Links menu to start managing your link categories. · Step 2: ...
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13 How to Get a WordPress Category Name Without the Link
If you ever have the need to display the name of your current category without a link, the following code will let you do that.
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14 Wordpress: Previous and next category links - gists · GitHub
Wordpress: Previous and next category links . ... prev-next-category-link.php ... foreach( $categories as $position => $current_category ) {.
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15 Remove the Category Base from your URLs in WordPress
Go to Yoast SEO; Select advanced; Click on the tab permalinks at the top; Check Strip the category base (usually /category/) from the category URL.
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16 WordPress: Display categories without the link
The simplest way to display a category, or a list of categories, without links is by using the following code: → Check Latest Keyword Rankings ←
17 How To Remove the Category From the WordPress URL
Reasons to Remove Category From WordPress URL ... The category prefix is part of the URL slug. As any SEO-conscious website developer or owner, ...
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18 4 methods to remove the “category” in WordPress site links
I believe many web masters share the same complex as I do. After the website is up, I found there is a “category” in the URL, which I felt quite ...
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19 How to link categories in a specific page in WordPress - Quora
If you want to show a specific category in WordPress menu the follow this steps: · Appearance >> Menu >> Categories >>Select specific category >> press “Add to ...
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20 WordPress Posts Sidebar With Category Link ...
Wordpress Posts Sidebar With Category Link Programmatically With Code Examples Hello, everyone! In this post, we will investigate how to discover the answer ...
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21 How to find a WordPress Category ID - WP White Security
On the browser link look for the tag_ID=X, where X is always the WordPress category ID (highlighted in red in the above URL example). So in the ...
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22 How to Remove the Category From WordPress URL?
How can you remove the category from the WordPress URL? By using a plugin this is easily achieveable. Simply install the Yoast SEO plugin.
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23 Including WordPress categories and subcategories in URLs
The default WordPress URL structure does not include the category and subcategory, and here's how you can modify the structure to include ...
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24 How to Remove the Category from WordPress URL (3 Methods)
No configuration is required when using the Remove Category URL plugin, making it another excellent option. From your WordPress dashboard, ...
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25 How To Replace A WordPress Category Archive With A Page
I tried for a long while to see if I could force WordPress to load a new page instead of a category using the same URL as the existing ...
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26 WordPress Categories Explained - SitePoint
First, the “slug”. As it is described right below the field, this string is useful when you activate URL Rewriting to have readable URLs for ...
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27 WordPress Categories and Tags - Tutorials - iThemes
Another way to manage post categories is through the Posts > Categories link in the WordPress Dashboard navigation menu. Clicking the Categories link will ...
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28 How to Display Categories on WordPress Pages
To add the category link to your menu bar, go to Appearance > Menus and then select or create the menu you wish to add the category link to.
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29 How to Remove the Category Base From WordPress
Once you've installed Rank Math, locate the Strip Category Base option in Rank Math's General Settings by navigating to Rank Math > General Settings > Links ...
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30 Display WP Post Category without link - Corey Salzano
Here is a small piece of code that will display the category name of a WordPress post without a hyperlink to the category page. Typically, the category data ...
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31 WordPress Categories & Tags: Are They Actually Necessary ...
How Does the Category Affect the URL? Something else you should consider when assigning a post to multiple categories is the URL WordPress ...
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32 How to remove the category prefix from the URL ... - A2 Hosting
WordPress does not permit a blank prefix for categories (they insert category/ before the name). For example, instead of, ...
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33 How to Update Categories in Wordpress
1. Launch your computer's Web browser and navigate to your WordPress Dashboard. · 2. Click “Posts” on the main Dashboard menu. · 3. Click the “Categories” link on ...
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34 How to Add Category Links into Your Menu Bar on Blogger?
How do I do this on hany. on 21/11/2016. hi, katryna! could ...
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35 How to Create, Edit, and Assign WordPress Categories
Creating a category is pretty easy. To start, go to your WordPress dashboard, hover your cursor on 'Posts' and click on the 'Categories' link.
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36 Change Category Slug within WordPress - David Walsh Blog
WordPress Redirection. And there I have it; all category URLs are redirected as they should be! The (*) in the source URL grabs the text ...
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37 How To Manage WordPress Category Pages - WP SITES
When your site visitors click on one of your category links, an archive page with all your posts filed under that Category, will be displayed.
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38 Easy Ways to Remove category from WordPress URL (2022)
Method 1: Remove categories from through WordPress settings · Log in to your WordPress dashboard. · Go to Setting >> Permalink · Select Custom ...
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39 How to enable category and subcategory in WordPress URL
Recently, one of our readers asked us how to enable a category and subcategory in WordPress URL. Categories and subcategories allow you to ...
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40 Add Categories & Subcategories in WordPress - WP Engine
Step 1: Start Editing a Post & Select the Categories Tab · Step 2: Click on the Add New Category Link · Step 3: Select a Parent Category for Your ...
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41 Category Functions for WordPress - Perishable Press
Custom body_class & post_class · Category-specific post thumbnails · Display link to first category, parent category, both · Display sub-categories ...
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42 WordPress Should Support Featured Images for Categories ...
Yes, this is a “missing link” of WordPress. Default true for categories, but filterable (BC implications). Default off for tags, but filterable.
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43 Display category name in WordPress - WP-Mix
Here are two snippets for displaying the category name and displaying the category link in WordPress. To display the name of the first ...
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44 WordPress Permalinks with Multiple Categories - OSTraining
Go go to a post and look for the Categories block. Choose one and only one category. The reason, WordPress will stop creating the URL as soon as ...
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45 Add rel="nofollow" to WordPress Categories - W3Bits
How to add nofollow relationship attribute to WordPress category links? Here's how to do that, both with plugin and manually.
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46 How to Remove Category from WordPress URL ( 4 Ways )
The simplest method to remove category from WordPress URL is to remove category in your permalinks settings; to do so, go to WordPress Dashboard ...
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47 WordPress Tags VS Categories: What's the Difference?
While your theme can link to categories and tags wherever it wants, it is generally more common to give category links visual preference.
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48 How to Add Categories in WordPress in 2022? - WPAllresources
It is extremely easy to add and delete categories in WordPress. ... the name you choose for a link to the category that appears in small letters in the URL.
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49 Adding, Deleting, and Changing a WordPress Category
The link to the feed is in the structure of by default. Pages do not have categories, only posts. If ...
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50 How to Remove the Category from a Wordpress URL - WPShout
WordPress Remove “Category” from URLs, Step-by-Step · In the WordPress administration area of your site, got to “Plugins > Add New.” · Search for ...
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51 How to Remove Category Prefix From WordPress URL
The very first and simple method to remove /category/ base from site URLs is done within the WordPress dashboard. You just need to log in to ...
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52 WordPress: the_category Using Multiple Separators Between ...
php the_category( '$separator, $parents' ); ?> $separator: (string) Text or character to display between each category link. The default is to place the links ...
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53 How to Link to Posts, Pages, Categories, Tags, Authors, and ...
This is a tutorial on how to link to the various features found on a typical WordPress site. Wish to promote an author your site?
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54 WordPress Categories - Easy WP Guide
Categories. Short url: Copy to clipboard. You can use categories to define sections of your site and group ...
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55 Change Permalink URL Structure for One Specific Category ...
I'm working on a WordPress site where I want to pull out just one category of blog post into its own URL structure, so that I can see how it's performing in ...
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56 The Ultimate Guide to Using WordPress Permalinks - Kinsta
The Custom Permalinks plugin lets you set the URL of any post category or tag to whatever you want. It also sets up redirects so the old URLs ...
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57 4 Easy Steps to SEO-Friendlier Blog Categories (Wordpress)
By default, the category description is shown when you hover over the category link in the sidebar widget. To display it on your individual ...
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58 Remove /CATEGORY Prefix from WordPress URLS - Propatel
By default, WordPress category URL append /category prefix in between which makes the link longer (around 8 character extras). Pretty URL's remove additional ...
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59 How to Improve WordPress SEO Via Your Categories and Tags
5. Optimize Your URL Structure ... In WordPress, you can easily set your URL structure under Settings > Permalinks. ... By now, the default ...
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60 Categories and Tags in WordPress? How to Use Them
What are categories in WordPress? · a name, · slug (the URL structure of the category page … something like a permalink), · is it a parent category ...
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61 Repairing Broken Category links on the WordPress ePortfolio ...
Repairing Broken Category links on the WordPress ePortfolio Blogs · LinkRepair1. If you are experiencing this problem there is a very easy fix.
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62 Doctor Categories - WPlook Documentation
Each post in WordPress is filed under one or more categories. ... When someone visits your site and clicks the “Photos” category link, ...
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63 How WordPress Categories and Tags Work | Semper Plugins
This helps you rank your content for those valuable keywords. Popular posts that generate inbound links will use categories and tags to link to ...
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64 Get Category in WP - Parent, Link, Subcategory, ID, Name, List
Same issue I'm facing but at last resolved by searching and trying lots of codes. get category wordpress. Get all category of specific post.
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65 How to Edit Categories in WordPress - Hostinger
WordPress categories help visitors navigate the site and make crawling easier. ... Remove the /category/ Term From the Post URL ...
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66 WordPress Categories And Tags – How To Use Them Effectively
Find out how to effectively use the Wordpress category and tag features. ... Next, give it a slug (aka a URL-friendly version of the name).
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67 get_category_link() WP 1.0.0
... который используется в основной функции получения URL терминов: ... function get_category_link( $category ) { if ( ! is_object( $category ) ...
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68 WordPress Category page shows 404 and posts - BoldGrid
I'm trying to make a category page for my website, ... is used is that the normal category base text is truncated from the URL and WordPress ...
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69 Making use of Categories and Category Archives in WordPress
How to link categories to pages? How to assign posts to categories? How to create category archives? and many more. We decided to publish a WordPress tutorial ...
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70 How to Change or Remove Category Base from WordPress
When using pretty permalinks, WordPress adds /category/ to the category ... For example, topics would change your sports category URL to ...
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71 How to Get Post Category Name and URL in WordPress
Display the categories in the post details page in WordPress. get_the_category() returns the categories data (name, slug, url, ...
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72 4 Ways - Remove Category from WordPress URLs - ThemeRella
Removing Category from Slug using a Plugin. The plugin Remove Category URL seems quite popular and offers additional advantages. You can try the ...
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73 Remove Category Base from WordPress Permalinks
WordPress adds a base of /category/ to the all the category archive permalinks. This means that your category links look like this:
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74 WordPress Get Category Through the_category Function
Category slug is the URL name of that category: term_id ); ?> Category ...
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75 How to Rename Your WordPress Categories the Proper Way
Rename WordPress categories and make your taxonomies work better for ... a category in the overview section and select the Quick Edit link.
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76 関数リファレンス/get category link - WordPress Codex 日本語版
指定したカテゴリー ID の正しい URL(カテゴリーアーカイブページへのリンク)を PHP の値として返します。 プラグインやテーマで使う ...
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77 How to provide a category specific feed using WordPress
Look for the navigation menu's Categories link, and select the name of your new category. For most feeds, that link points to a URL that looks ...
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78 Category and Tag Strategies in WordPress - WPUsability
Each Category and each Tag is a new URL for a new page created on a WordPress website. Not only that: both categories and tags are going to ...
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79 The Ultimate Guide to Display Category Pages in WordPress
When you click View, a category page will appear and you can get a direct link to this page. However, you will see the category base in your ...
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80 How to Find WordPress Category ID in 3 Easy & Quick Options
Here is a step by step guide on how to find WordPress category ID in 3 options, using the page URL, hovering over edit link and also using Reveal IDs plugin ...
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81 How to Remove the Word "Category" from WordPress URLs
When viewing category archives, we always see a slug in the URL. If you want to remove the word "category" from WordPress, you need to do ...
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82 Links -WordPress - Help Wiki - The Evergreen State College
Having multiple categories allows you to display individual link categories in unique sections of your sidebar. Click Add new category (you'll ...
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83 Permalinks - WooCommerce
Permalink settings for WooCommerce can be found at WordPress > Settings > Permalinks. Permalink Settings Menu Location. From here you can configure the URL ...
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84 Category Based Previous & Next Links on Custom Post Types ...
Working on a client project in WordPress recently, I came across something I'd not thought of before… Category based Previous and Next links ...
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85 WordPress: Categories and Tags -
The Slug is just the version that will appear in the URL. This needs to be unique. When you create Categories, you can also create Parent and Child categories.
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86 WordPress: Add a class on an li for "current category"
Hi- Currently I'm using this code in WordPress to display a string of breadcrumbs (Link / Link / Link) across the top of my archive pages ...
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87 How to Use WordPress Categories - SiteGround Tutorials
WordPress categories are a very convenient way to organize your posts. You can have parent and child categories, making hierarchical arrangement of your ...
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88 How to get WordPress category link - SimplyWP
Finding your WordPress blog category link may be tricky. However, some advance themes may require your WordPress category link for a certain features.
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89 How To Add Category Specific Widgets In WordPress
Next, head over to Appearance > Widgets and drag the Image widget to your sidebar. Fill out the fields for image URL, and the image size to make ...
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90 Display category name without link in post list - Beactive
Display category name without link in post list. April 12, 2016 Deepak Baranwal Wordpress. I know this is very small things from technical point of view but ...
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91 WordPress Categories & Tags: Best Practices for Blogging ...
The URL will have /category/catagoryname at the end. View Posts Within a WordPress Category. If you view a parent category, all child categories ...
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92 WordPress – get category link by category id - Wordpress Guide
To get category link by category id use following code:  ...
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93 Portfolio Categories in WordPress - Tutorial - TeachUcomp, Inc.
Then click the “Portfolio categories” link under the “Portfolio Items” section in the Navigation Bar to display the “Categories” page in the ...
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94 How to Create a New Post Category in Wordpress
Step 3: Type the name of your new category into the Name field, enter a URL slug for the category (This is optional. WordPress will ...
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95 Direct URL to Portfolio Categories - Support -
Navigate to Dashboard > Portfolio Items > Portfolio Categories and then click on the “View” button beneath each category to get the link. You ...
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