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1 Wise Glasses or Expert Belt? - PokéBase Pokémon Answers
Wise Glasses >Boosts the power of special moves by 10%. Expert Belt >Boosts power of super effective moves by 20%. Expert Belt would do more damage ...
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2 expert belt or wise glasses - Pokemon Diamond Version
when super effective expert belt is 1.2 times but wise glasses boast special attackes 1.1 times all of the time. Even a prinny deity will explode when ...
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3 Do the Wise Glasses or the Muscle Band have any use? - Reddit
That's incredibly situational, so Plates / Life Orb / Expert Belt are better. Remember that going with + damage nature over + speed nature ...
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4 Item Balancing and Design | Smogon Forums
Wise Glasses: Increases the Special Attack Rank of the holder by one (1). Increases accuracy of the user's special moves by twenty (20). Expert ...
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5 In-battle Effect Items - Pokemon World Online Wiki
3.1 Dragon Gem; 3.2 Expert Belt; 3.3 Life Orb; 3.4 Muscle Band; 3.5 Wise Glasses. 4 Focus Items. 4.1 Focus Sash. 5 Stat-enhancing Items.
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6 Wise Glasses Location and How to Get | Pokemon Scarlet and ...
Wise Glasses can be bought at the Delibird Presents shop for ₽8,000. This item is available at the beginning of the game. Delibird Presents ...
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7 Wise Glasses - Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Database
An item to be held by a Pokémon. This thick pair of glasses slightly boosts the power of the holder's special moves. ... Choice Scarf • "Expert Belt" icon ...
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8 Expert Belt - Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - RankedBoost
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Expert Belt is a Held Item. Increases the power of super-effective moves. Type: Held Item. Effect: Increases the ...
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9 Item Expert Belt - Poketudo
It's a well-worn belt that slightly boosts the power of supereffective moves. ... Expert Belt. Held Items ... Expert Belt. Wise Glasses Nº244 Wise Glasses.
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10 Where to find hold items in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet
Black Belt, Levincia. Black Gasses, Levincia ... Expert Belt, Mesagoza. Flame Orb, Levincia ... Wise Glasses, Mesagoza. Zoom Lens, Levincia ...
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11 Pokémon 10 Most Useful Items In Battle -
10 Expert Belt · 9 Leftovers · 8 Eviolite · 7 Focus Sash · 6 Type-Boosting Item · 5 Metronome · 4 Muscle Band/Wise Glasses · 3 Quick Claw ...
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12 Item List - Pokémon Renegade Platinum Wiki - Fandom
Expert Belt, Ravaged Path. Veilstone Game Corner Prize ... Power Belt, Solaceon Town ... Wise Glasses, Eterna Galactic Building. Celestic Town.
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13 List of Battle Tree Trainers/Collector - Bulbapedia
› wiki › Collector
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14 What fighting item should I put on? - PokeCommunity
There's always Life Orb, which gives a solid 20% bonus on any move at the cost of your life, Expert Belt which raises 15% if you land a super ...
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15 Pokémon: 10 Most Useful Items In Battle - Screen Rant
The Expert Belt as seen in the Pokemon card game ... Like Charcoal, Black Belt, and Mystic Water, the Muscle Band and Wise Glasses boost ...
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16 Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: Best Held Items ...
The Wise Glasses share similar benefits to the Expert Belt, but have an even wider range of use in casual play. It is found in Celestic Town ...
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17 Expert Belt - Pokencyclopedia's ItemDex
> An item to be held by a Pokémon. It is a well-worn belt that slightly boosts the power of supereffective moves. • HeartGold ...
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18 Important Items Guide Pokemon Radical Red (Slightly Outdated)
Dec 2, 2020
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19 DPPt/HGSS - Just a need a little help with my Ninetales
Ninetales (Natasha) @ Expert Belt (was thinking about Wise Glasses instead) lvl: 69. Nature: Modest Hp: 196. Attk: 123. Def: 130
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20 Where to Get a Choice Specs in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet
... Choice Specs; Clear Amulet; Destiny Knot; Eviolite; Expert Belt; Focus Band ... Adrenaline Orb; Blinding Band; Black Belt; Black Glasses ...
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21 Pokemusings: Week 35: Page 2 | GamesRadar+
Wise Glasses boosts Special Attack by 10 percent. Expert Belt gives a 20 percent boost to Super Effective moves. Life Orb gives a 30 percent ...
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22 Item Locations - The Pokemon Insurgence Wiki
› Item_Locations
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23 Pokémon Azelf - Pokemon Perfect
Azelf @ Expert Belt Lv. 100 -- Levitate. Nature: Adamant - EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spd (100.0 %) ... Azelf @ Wise Glasses Lv. 100 -- Levitate.
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24 Held Battle Items - Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha ... - IGN
Expert Belt, Battle Maison, Increases the power of Super Effective moves ... Wise Glasses, Battle Maison, Increases the user's Special Attack Stat by 10%.
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25 Pokemon Sword Shield Expert Belt - How To Get & Location
When a Pokemon holds an Expert Belt, any move that they implement that is supereffective against their opponent will deal more damage. Pokemon ...
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26 Held Items - Pixelmon Generations Wiki
Blackbelt.png · Black Belt · Blackglasses.png · Black Glasses ... Expert Belt · Flameorb.png ... Wise Glasses · Zoomlens.png · Zoom Lens ...
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27 Duo of the Week: Kyogre – Manaphy - LegendaryPKMN
For that reason I suggest Wise Glasses or Expert Belt than Life Orb. If your Kyogre isn't fast enough to overspeed the other pokemons in the ...
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28 Pokémon League - Platinum Renegade Wiki
Wise Glasses, Timid, Speed Boost. Bug Buzz; Hurricane; Giga Drain; Protect ... Expert Belt, Hasty, Iron Fist ... Wise Glasses, Naive, Synchronize.
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29 [Guide] Cram-O-Matic Recipes – Isle Of Armor (Pokémon ...
Expert Belt, Macho Brace, Balm Mushroom, Balm Mushroom, Balm Mushroom ... Star Piece, Dubious disc, Ice stone, Wise glasses, Safety goggles.
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30 Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Where to find hold items in-game
... Eviolite - Mesagoza; Expert Belt - Mesagoza; Flame Orb - Levincia ... Wise Glasses - Mesagoza; Zoom Lens - Levincia ...
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31 Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Guides
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl How To Get Black Belt, Expert Belt ... Black Glasses & Wise Glasses Locations (Competitive Items)(Pokemon BDSP).
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32 Saved diff uneJeVRS - Diffchecker
Wise Glasses. Wise Glasses ... Incense Lax Incense Lucky Punch Metal Powder Thick Club Stick Wide Lens Muscle Band Wise Glasses Expert Belt ...
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33 Pokemon BDSP: How To Defeat All Elite Four Rematches
... Bug Buzz/Air Slash/Ancient Power/Detect, Speed Boost/Wise Glasses ... Gleam/Sludge Bomb/Energy Ball, Poison Point/Expert Belt.
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34 Pokémon Sun & Moon - Strategy Guide - Google Books Result
Power Bracer 16 BP Power Belt 16 BP Power Lens 16 BP Power Band 16 BP Power ... 48 BP Shell Bell 48 BP Muscle Band 48 BP Wise Glasses 48 BP Expert Belt 48 ...
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35 Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon - Strategy Guide - Google Books Result
Item BP Cost Power Bracer 16 BP Power Belt 16 BP Power Lens 16 BP Power Band ... 48 BP Wise Glasses 48 BP Expert Belt 48 BP Zoom Lens 48 BP Metronome 48 BP ...
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36 Muscle Band - Pokémon Wiki - Neoseeker
How do I get the Expert Belt or the Muscle Band? - last post by @ Oct 3, 2010. Muscle Band vs. Swords Dance - last post by @ Sep 29, 2007. Wise Glasses and ...
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37 If all these losers were Pokemon Trainers... by Freezerpiano ...
... Mystical Fire, Magical Leaf, Power Gem; Levitate, Wise Glasses ... Fire Fang, Earthquake, Stone Edge; Sturdy, Expert Belt
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38 Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet - Best Hold items List + Where to ...
Clear Amulet; Destiny Knot; Eviolite; Expert Belt; Focus Band ... Wise Glasses: This glasses item can be helpful in slightly boosting the ...
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39 please rate this team - The PokeMasters Forums
wise glasses serene grace -shock wave -silver wind -air slash -aura sphere 4th lucario lvl 45 steadfast expert belt - drain punch
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40 View topic - 4th Gen Standard Movesets - Psypoke
Empoleon @ Wise Glasses/Choice Specs/Quick Claw/Expert Belt Modest/Bold, Torrent 252 HP / 129 SA / 129 SD Surf Flash Cannon Ice Beam
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41 Items average price - General Game Talk
Black Glasses- 10.000-20.000$ 10.000-20.000$ 10.000-20.000$ ... Expert Belt- 20.000-30.000$(unconfirmed) ?$ ... Wise Glasses- ?$
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42 'Pokémon Sun And Moon' Battle Items: Where To Find ...
Scope Lens - 48 BP. Leftovers - 48 BP. Shell Bell - 48 BP. Muscle Band - 48 BP. Wise Glasses - 48 BP. Expert Belt - 48 BP. Zoom Lens - 48 BP.
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43 Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: Every Elite Four ...
Beautifly, 53, Bug/Flying, Swarm, Wise Glasses, -Bug Buzz ... for an even better Expert Belt-holder: Porygon-Z! This wall breaker will pose ...
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44 Pokemon Sword and Shield : Complete Hold Items List in the ...
This belt helps the wearer to focus and boosts the power of Fighting-type moves. Black Glasses. An item to be held by a Pokémon.
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45 Pokemon Diamond - Nintendo DS - Super Cheats
I have him holding wise glasses, but thats only a 1.1x boost fr special attacks ... I'm thinking about an expert belt, so what do you think?
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46 List of Battle Agency Rentable Pokemon | Pokémon GO Hub
Held Item: Wise Glasses Moves: Psychic/Shadow Ball/Energy Ball/Round ... Held Item: Expert Belt Moves: Poison Jab/Pursuit/Fell Stinger/Toxic
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47 Tom's Teams: The Eeveelutions - POKéMON
Jolteon @ Expert Belt Modest Nature, 252 EVs in SpAtk and Spd - Thunderbolt ... Flareon @ Wise Glasses Bold Nature, 252 EVs in SpAtk and SpDef - Fire Blast
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48 Notes on appearing Held Items on the Battle Tree
Assault Vest; Big Root; Binding Band; Bright Powder; Eviolite; Expert Belt; Float Stone ... Black Belt; Black Glasses; Charcoal; Dragon Fang ...
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49 Team frostbite | Poké Forums
Expert belt is used to take advantage of all of the super effective attacks and pressure is basically the best ... Wise glasses/life orb
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50 Delibird Presents Locations And Items In Pokémon Scarlet ...
Miracle Seed; Charcoal; Mystic Water; Silk Scarf; Sharp Beak; Silver Powder; Muscle Band; Wise Glasses; Punching Glove; Expert Belt ...
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51 Where to Buy Items for Pokémon to Hold in Scarlet and Violet
... Eviolite: Mesagoza; Expert Belt: Mesagoza; Flame Orb: Levincia ... Wide Lens: Levincia; Wise Glasses: Mesagoza; Zoom Lens: Levincia.
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52 Pokemon Sword & Shield Wise Glasses - eBay
Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Pokemon Sword & Shield Expert Belt at the best online prices at eBay!
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53 Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Held Items Locations Guide
Black Belt increases the power and focus of your Fighting Type Pokemon only. Black Glasses Location: Bought from Delibird Presents in ...
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54 Items
Expert Belt · Grid Flame Orb.png Flame Orb · Grid Float Stone.png ... Wide Lens · Grid Wise Glasses.png Wise Glasses · Grid Zoom Lens.png ...
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55 All Held Items and What They Do in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet
Black Glasses, Boosts the power of Dark-type moves ... Expert Belt, Slightly boosts the power of supereffective moves.
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56 Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – Shops and Restaurants Guide
Mesagoza, Wise Glasses, An item to be held by a Pokemon. ... It's a well-worn belt that slightly boosts the power of the holder's ...
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57 Pokémon Damage Calculator
... Electrium Z, Energy Powder, Enigma Berry, Eviolite, Expert Belt, Fairium Z ... Wide Lens, Wiki Berry, Wise Glasses, Yache Berry, Zap Plate, Zoom Lens.
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58 Pokemon Radical Red Cheats - PokemonCoders
02A3 Wise Glasses 02A4 Expert Belt 02A5 Light Clay 02A6 Life Orb 02A7 Power Herb 02A8 Toxic Orb 02A9 Flame Orb 02AA Quick Powder 02AB Focus Sash
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59 English Mechanic and World of Science
A person people require glasses for reading purposes after date , Aug. ... No , wise , when fully - charged plates are taken out attack of enteric at 48 ...
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60 Field Hearings on Achieving Full Employment: Legislative and ...
... dollars worth of machinery that is being shipped out to the Sun Belt . ... Mr. Burke , a very wise person once said , that an " expert ” is the one who ...
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61 Power and the Engineer - Volume 17 - Page 16 - Google Books Result
... 1.00 Per Year . the modern large plant as a steam wise of the station . ... therefore still encumbered with belts one - third than a floor involving the ...
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62 Moore's Rural New-Yorker
It is not wise , jell . ... do not find any wise for the girl who may have but one glasses or molds with the liquor , and al- The trustees had purchased a ...
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