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1 Return of Epidemic Dengue in the United States - NCBI - NIH
Dengue outbreaks have occurred throughout the Americas since the 1980s; however, the U.S. has only seen sporadic outbreaks, primarily along the U.S.-Mexico ...
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2 Dengue and severe dengue - World Health Organization (WHO)
Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral disease that has rapidly spread to all regions of WHO in recent years. Dengue virus is transmitted by female ...
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3 Health Alert for U.S. Citizens in Cuba on Dengue Fever
Sick with a Fever? · Symptoms of dengue usually begin within 2 weeks after being bitten by an infected mosquito. · See a healthcare provider if ...
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4 Dengue fever Information | Mount Sinai - New York
Dengue fever is rare in the US mainland, but has been found in Hawaii, Florida, and Texas. Dengue fever should not be confused with dengue hemorrhagic fever ...
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5 A Rare Case of Dengue Fever Acquired in the United States
Incidence of dengue virus in the United States is rare, with only 865 cases reported in the US and 38 in the territories according to the CDC in 2019 (903 ...
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6 PAHO/WHO Data - Dengue cases
Dengue · Approximately 500 million people in the Americas are today at risk of dengue. · Dengue incidence has increased in the Americas over the past four decades ...
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7 Dengue worldwide overview - ECDC - European Union
In 2022, and as of 23 November, the WHO Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) reported 2 551 093 dengue cases and 1 169 associated deaths, in the Americas.
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8 Dengue in the United States of America: A Worsening Scenario?
Dengue has been historically present in the continental United States (US), in the state of Hawaii, and in the US insular territories in the Caribbean and ...
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9 Dengue Fever Fact Sheet
Although most cases occurring in the United States are associated with travel to areas where dengue is endemic, there have been occasional outbreaks of local ...
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10 Dengue Fever | Florida Department of Health
Dengue fever is an important mosquito-borne disease worldwide. It is caused by four related dengue viruses (DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-3, ...
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11 Return of Epidemic Dengue in the United States - jstor
Return of Epidemic Dengue in the United States: Implications for the Public Health Practitioner. Nidhi Bouri, BAa. Tara Kirk Sell, MAa. Crystal Franco, MPHa.
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12 Dengue | Maricopa County, AZ
Dengue is found in at least 100 countries. Within North America, dengue has been found in Mexico, the continental United States, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the ...
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13 Collier reports first locally acquired case of dengue fever
Mild dengue fever causes a high fever and flu-like symptoms. The severe form that is also called dengue hemorrhagic fever can cause serious ...
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14 Two more cases of dengue fever confirmed in South Florida ...
There have been 616 cases of dengue fever in the United States in 2022, through Oct. 5, according to the CDC. In U.S. territories, Puerto Rico ...
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15 Dengue Fever - Central Mosquito Control
This species is most prevalent in the southernmost American states, with heavy populations in Texas, Florida and Hawaii. According to the CDC, the most common ...
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16 Communicable Disease Service | Dengue -
Most cases in the United States occur in people who travel to areas where dengue is present. Symptoms include sudden high fever, severe headache, eye pain, ...
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17 Fatal Dengue Acquired in Florida | NEJM
In 2019, a total of 413 dengue cases were probably imported to Florida, including 14 cases of severe dengue (3.4%), resulting in 18 locally ...
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18 Dengue: Practice Essentials, Background, Pathophysiology
In 1986, the first clearly identified local transmission of dengue in the United States occurred in Texas. Carriers of the virus were believed ...
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19 5 Things We Now Know About Tropical Disease Dengue Fever
Currently, there is only one approved vaccine for dengue, but there are strict restrictions for its usage. There's also no cure; only the ...
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20 Dengue fever on the rise in United States | AAP News
In total, 5,387 dengue cases were reported. The majority of cases were travel associated (5,009; 93%), and the median patient age was 41 years.
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21 Dengue Fever Vulnerability in the United States - NRDC
dengue mosquito vector species, as of 2005. Areas vulnerable to dengue fever infection. Dengue Vulnerability. Number of suspected cases per state.
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22 DengueMap - HealthMap
Recent reports of local or imported dengue cases from official, newspaper, and other media sources ... Outbreaks Near MeJohn BrownsteinFREE - In Google Play.
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23 Imported Dengue Case Numbers and Local Climatic Patterns ...
Dengue virus transmission from Aedes aegypti mosquitoes to humans is a growing issue in the state of Florida in the United States of America.
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24 The History of Dengue in the United States and its Recent ...
Dengue soon began to continually show itself in the southern USA, beginning 47 years later, in 1827, when epidemics of suspected dengue occurred ...
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25 dengue fever cases rocket as covid-19 rages on - The BMJ
Vietnam dengue cases top 145,000, More than triple 2021s tally. · WHO region of the Americas records highest number of dengue cases in history; ...
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26 Dengue - Biogents USA
Dengue is the most common vector-borne viral disease in the world, causing an estimated 50-100 million infections and 25,000 deaths each year. Most cases occur ...
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27 Dengue Fever Spreads to Florida's West Coast
The CDC says dengue is endemic in Puerto Rico, American Samoa, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Republic of ...
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28 Dengue -
Dengue virus is spread to people through the bite of infected mosquitoes. This disease is not spread in Connecticut; however, residents can acquire it by ...
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29 Prediction of dengue fever outbreaks using climate variability ...
The recent increase in the global incidence of dengue fever resulted in over 2.7 million cases in Latin America and many cases in Southeast ...
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30 Dengue Fever - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics
One of the first descriptions of a dengue-like illness outbreak occurred in Philadelphia in the USA in 1780, along the Delaware riverfront.
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31 Florida Keys Mosquito Control
How are Dengue Fever and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) spread? Dengue is transmitted to people by the bite of an Aedes aegypti mosquito that is infected with a ...
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32 Dengue Fever - Epidemiology - Virginia Department of Health
Dengue is a disease caused by any one of four closely related dengue viruses. The viruses are transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected mosquito.
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33 Dengue Fever: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
Dengue is most commonly found in Central and South America, Africa, parts of Asia and the Pacific Islands. A few parts of the U.S. also have ...
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34 Dengue Fever - Fit for Travel
Dengue is an infection spread by mosquito bites that can cause a severe flu-like illness. Recommendations for Travellers. The best way to avoid infection is to ...
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35 Dengue - California Department of Public Health -
Dengue is transmitted principally by Aedes aegypti (yellow fever ... CDC Dengue webpage - U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention​​.
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36 Diseases that can be Transmitted by Mosquitoes - MN Dept. of ...
Minnesota residents who travel to other countries can return with mosquitoborne diseases such as malaria, dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever, and ...
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37 Dengue Fever - Content | UCI Health | Orange County, CA
Dengue fever is a viral disease. It's spread by mosquitoes mainly in tropical and subtropical areas of the world. It's rare in the continental U.S. But it's ...
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38 Dengue - Infectious Diseases - Merck Manuals,-arenaviridae,-and-filoviridae/dengue
Outbreaks are most prevalent in Southeast Asia but also occur in the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, Oceania, and the Indian ...
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39 Dengue in Florida: Local transmission now reported in 4 ...
Dengue is a disease caused by a virus spread through mosquito bites. The disease can take up to 2 weeks to develop with illness generally ...
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40 Dengue Fever - LA County Department of Public Health
Dengue fever is caused by a virus transmitted through the bite of one of two types of mosquito, called Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus.
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41 Dengue fever - Diagnosis and treatment - Mayo Clinic
No specific treatment for dengue fever exists. While recovering from dengue fever, drink plenty of fluids. Call your doctor right away if you ...
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42 Dengue - NaTHNaC
The disease is transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito. The mosquitoes that spread dengue usually breed in urban areas close to human habitation ...
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43 Dengue: Education, Public Health, Integrated Mosquito ...
What is Dengue and How Does it Spread? · New Dengue Fever Vaccine · Dengue and the United States · A Global View of Dengue · Know Your Aedes Mosquitoes · Controlling ...
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44 Dengue fever outbreaks - Wikipedia
As of 2010, dengue fever is believed to infect 50 to 100 million people worldwide a year with 1/2 million life-threatening infections.
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45 Dengue Information - Disease Surveillance Epidemiology ...
8) Is there a vaccine to prevent dengue? A) No. Currently there is no vaccine to protect against dengue fever. [top of page]. 9) How can I reduce my ...
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46 Dengue Fever Prevention | Passport Health Travel Clinics
Where Does Dengue Fever Occur? · Southeast Asia – Burma, India, Indonesia · Western Pacific – Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines · South Cone – Argentina, Brazil ( ...
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47 Dengue - Baylor College of Medicine
The incidence of dengue infection in the United States is low, but it is on the rise. Most people in the United States who acquire a dengue virus infection ...
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48 Dengue & Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever - SCDHEC
World-wide, there are an estimated 50 to 100 million cases of dengue fever (DF) and several hundred thousand cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) per year.
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Dengue, "breakbone fever" or "dandy fever" is an acute, febrile disease due to a filtrable virus which is constant in the peripheral circulation during the ...
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Dengue fever can present with vague, non-specific symptoms including fever, headache, joint pain and rash, making it difficult to distinguish between other ...
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51 Does the U.S. Have Dengue Fever? - MedicineNet
Dengue can potentially spread from infected travelers via mosquitoes in the US. Although no local transmission of dengue has been detected in Florida, ...
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52 US: Elevated dengue fever activity reported in Florida through ...
Health authorities identified 36 locally acquired cases of dengue fever in Florida, US, reported between Jul. 10-Oct. 29.
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53 Dengue Vaccine & Kids: FAQs for Families Who Live Where ...
In the United States, dengue is common (endemic) in some U.S. territories and freely associated states (American Samoa, Puerto Rico, the U.S. ...
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54 What is dengue and where did it originate from? - Health Desk
Jul 21, 2022 by Health Desk – Dengue viruses are spread to people through the bite of an infected mosquito from the Aedes species.
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Cuba has been hit this summer by an epidemic of dengue fever that has made 340,000 people ill and has killed about 150.
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56 Questions and Answers Regarding Dengue Fever
Dengue is a viral disease transmitted by a breed of mosquito common to the southeastern United States and the tropics.
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57 History, epidemiology and diagnostics of dengue in the ...
Dengue virus (DENV), an arbovirus transmitted by mosquitoes, has become a major threat to American human life, reaching approximately 23 ...
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58 Dengue virus: epidemiology, biology, and disease aetiology
The largest outbreak of dengue was seen in 2016 in the US, with more than 2.38 million cases reported. In this outbreak, the highest contribution was in ...
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59 Dengue is Endemic in U.S. Territories and Associated States
The CDC confirmed three doses of the U.S. FDA-approved Dengvaxia™ vaccine are indicated for the prevention of dengue in people 9–16 years old ...
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60 Dengue fever: Symptoms, treatment, and prevention
Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne infection that causes severe flu-like symptoms. It can be fatal. There is no cure, but there are ways to manage symptoms.
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61 Dengue in the USA: Avoiding the wider spread of vector-borne ...
Dengue in the USA is mainly confined to its overseas territories, Puerto Rico and American Samoa in particular. The US mainland does, ...
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62 USA: FDA approves the first vaccine for dengue fever, but with ...
The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday approved the first vaccine against dengue fever, one that protects against a common disease ...
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63 The seroepidemiology of dengue in a US military population ...
Author summary Understanding the risk and risk factors of dengue and Zika virus (DENV, ZIKV) infection improves their prevention.
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64 Dengue, aka “Breakbone Fever,” Is Back
Dengue, aka “Breakbone Fever,” Is Back · The vicious virus has re-established itself in the South, and mosquitoes are carrying it north. · We Use ...
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65 Takeda Receives Positive CHMP Opinion for Approval of ...
Severe dengue accounts for about 5% of dengue cases and is a leading cause of serious illness and death among children and adults in Latin ...
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66 Dengue - NHS
Dengue is a viral infection spread by mosquitoes. It's widespread in many parts of the world. Mosquitoes in the UK do not spread the dengue virus.
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67 CDC: Thousands of Dengue Virus Cases Reported in US ...
Dengue is endemic in the United States territories of American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. Advertisement.
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68 Dengue | FAQs - Texas Department of State Health Services
The mosquito that transmits dengue fever is found in Texas and across the southeastern U.S., so there is a potential risk for dengue ...
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69 Nepal: Dengue Surge Exposes Climate Risk
There have also been large outbreaks in neighboring regions of India. Dengue is a mosquito-borne virus that can cause a range of symptoms. In ...
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70 Florida Woman Dies From Dengue Fever - WebMD
In severe cases, dengue can cause potentially fatal bleeding and shock. Each year, up to 400 million people will become infected with dengue and ...
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71 Dengue Fever - Chicago Colorectal
Dengue fever is rare in the continental United States. What are the symptoms? Symptoms of dengue fever may be mild or severe. In mild cases, common symptoms ...
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72 Mosquito-Borne Diseases
Zika is a flavivirus transmitted by mosquitoes that was first found in Brazil during May 2015. hunt. The Great Arizona Mosquito Hunt!
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73 What Is Dengue Fever? | Mosquito Borne Diseases
Dengue fever is relatively rare in the U.S. Between 2001 and 2004, for example, the CDC reported 77 confirmed cases of the illness, mostly from travelers who ...
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74 First FDA-approved vaccine for the prevention of dengue ...
Dengue is endemic in the U.S. territories of American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. “Dengue disease is the most common ...
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75 Decreases in dengue transmission may act to increase the ...
Dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) is a potentially fatal manifestation of an infection with the mosquito-borne dengue virus. Because of the social and economic ...
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76 Mosquito-borne Diseases -
There are other diseases spread by mosquitoes that people may be exposed to when traveling in other regions of the world. These include Zika virus, Dengue fever ...
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77 Experts triple estimate of world dengue fever infections - Reuters
LONDON (Reuters) - Around 390 million people are infected each year with dengue fever - the world's fastest-spreading tropical disease ...
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78 "Defective" Virus Leads to Epidemic of Dengue Fever | NSF
Dengue virus infects some 50-100 million people annually in Southeast Asia, South America and parts of the United States.
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79 Rush To Produce, Sell Vaccine Put Kids In Philippines At Risk
The vaccine, called Dengvaxia, is aimed at helping children in Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories where dengue is a problem.
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80 Ask the Experts: Dengue - Immunization Action Coalition
Dengue is endemic in the United States territories and freely associated states of Puerto Rico, American Samoa, the U.S. Virgin Islands, ...
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81 The decline of dengue in the Americas in 2017: discussion of ...
Since the 1980s, dengue incidence has increased 30-fold. However, in 2017, there was a noticeable reduction in reported dengue incidence cases ...
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82 Joint Statement on Mosquito Control in the United States
Dengue is a viral disease transmitted from person to person by mosquitoes. It is usually an acute, nonfatal disease, characterized by sudden ...
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83 Dengue Fever: Historical Perspective and the Global Response
Despite challenges, dengue vaccine research is an area of recent success. The most advanced vaccine is a live-attenuated chimeric yellow-fever dengue virus ...
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84 Dengue Fever Testing
Most dengue cases in U.S. citizens occur in people who live in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Samoa and Guam. Outbreaks where a large ...
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85 Dengue virus disease - Better Health Channel
Dengue virus is a viral disease that is spread by mosquitoes. It is a problem in many tropical and subtropical parts of the world, including Africa, Asia, South ...
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86 'Miraculous' mosquito hack cuts dengue by 77% - BBC News
Dengue fever cases have been cut by 77% in a "groundbreaking" trial that manipulates the mosquitoes that spread it, say scientists.
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87 Dengue Fever Makes Inroads into the U.S. - Yahoo News
Most Americans lose little sleep over dengue fever. The mosquito-borne infection is a leading killer in the tropics and subtropics, but it's been a ...
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88 Severe dengue in travellers: pathogenesis, risk and clinical ...
Dengue is more frequent than many other travel-related vaccine preventable diseases, such as hepatitis A, hepatitis B, rabies, Japanese encephalitis and yellow ...
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89 Dengue fever -
Dengue (or dengue fever) is a disease spread to humans by mosquito bites, and is caused by one of four types of dengue viruses.
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90 How Dengue fever is spreading round the world | CNN
Dengue virus is carried by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, the same type that can spread Zika virus. A bite from a mosquito harboring the virus can ...
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91 Video Dengue Fever: Tropical Disease Hits U.S. - ABC News
› WNT › dengue-fever-tropical-d...
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92 Dengue virus infection: Prevention and treatment - UpToDate
US Food and Drug Administration. First FDA-approved vaccine for the prevention of dengue disease in endemic regions.
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93 Fatal U.S. dengue fever case misdiagnosed as West Nile virus
From 2001 to 2007, a total of 796 cases of dengue fever were reported in the United States, most of which were imported. About 95% of people ...
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