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1 Hell... it's about time - Let's Play Starcraft 2 - The Something Awful ...
I think the reasoning behind archon mode is to compete with multiplayer games like LoL that are currently way more successful in the pro scene than SC2 is.
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2 SC2 is pretty awful now, no longer an RTS + dead game
I signed in recently after leaving since HOTS. The game is literally awful now. HUGE maps where players are on 4 bases at 7 minutes.
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3 SC2 Mapster Forums - SC2Mapster
General Chat. Have a Suggestion for SC2Mapster? Want to talk anything SC? · Wiki Discussion. Anything related to the development of the SC2Mapster Galaxy Wiki.
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4 Awful Thread Tags for the Something Awful Forums - GitHub
Awful Thread Tags for the Something Awful Forums. Contribute to Awful/thread-tags development by creating an account on GitHub.
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5 Searching Something Awful: Gleaning Meaning from Leetspeak
Many of the Something Awful forum members, who referred to ... further research in the areas of 1) technology and agency 2) methodology for ...
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6 StarCraft Forum
The #1 StarCraft forums and community. Launched in 2007, we are the top StarCraft 2 forum and fan site on the Internet.
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7 Our Favorite Video Game Forums and PC Communities
Around releases of big games like Red Dead Redemption II and Super Smash Brothers, ... The famous website Something Awful's forum, known for spawning the ...
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8 LP Master List Database - The Let's Play Archive
› lpmaster
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9 All your base are belong to us - Wikipedia
By the early 2000s, a GIF animation depicting the opening text was widespread on the Something Awful message forums and other internet forums.
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10 Eurogamer Has Shut Down its Forums : r/Games - Reddit
The site is long gone, but I'll never forget knowing everyone who posted ... Between Something Awful forums, 4chan, digg, and a handfull of ...
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11 About | Let's Play StarCraft -
What is a Let's Play? From what I understand, the concept of the Let's Play originated on the forums.
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12 Pin on Overwatch Art - Pinterest
Jun 26, 2017 - Overwatch meimeis and chill thread 2: Problematic Underboob. ... Starcraft. The Something Awful Forums. Overwatch meimeis and chill thread 2: ...
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13 Hell, It's About Time: Let's Play Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty ...!-(DONE)
Default Re: Hell, It's About Time: Let's Play Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Campaign Mode! I've been hanging around the Something Awful forums lately, ...
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14 Why do people keep suggesting trying to add Starcraft 2 ...
Some of the suggestions people have had on these forums seem ... Starcraft 2 does something similar, but theirs is based on “bonus points” ...
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15 Starcraft 2 Detecting Wrong Graphics Card - PlayOnMac
Now, whenever I run SC2 it says I have a graphics card of NVidia ... while messing with my graphics settings must have broke something bad.
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16 5 more weeks !!! - Larian Studios forums
... I can resurrect the older thread on the Something Awful forums (15th spot ... As a Command and Conquer and Starcraft 2 player this game is looking very ...
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17 starcraft versus diablo! - Forums - Diabloii.Net ... The necro can even take on 2 or 3 of them at a time, no problem.
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18 Starcraft 2 graphic issue - MacRumors Forums
I don't know is this right forum to post this thread but I'm in desperate need of help. Since last month, my starcraft 2 has gotten some ...
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19 I'm trying to play Starcraft II, and something seems amiss....
It was simple enough for Starcraft II: Just install and play. ... If you have a bad internet connection like I do, they might even fail ...
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20 Starcraft 2 at 30 FPS? | By: Redstyx - Digital Storm Forums
My Desktop run SC2 at 100FPS-ish and it has a NVidia 560Ti. Is there something I am missing? I did all the updates through Windows when I ...
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21 I suck at this game >< - Starcraft II Forum - Neoseeker
I just came back to this game and I am terrible now. I lost any skill I had. I can't seem to do anything right. I always get outplayed, ...
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22 Starcraft 2 - Is it worth the time? | AnandTech Forums
I liked the plot to SC, not so much SC2. ... It is too bad that they stopped making Warcraft games after Warcraft 3.
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23 A little Starcraft 2 Tournament, page 1 - Forum -
Oops, I thought there was something I had forgotten :P ... Ermm, we did do another streaming attempt with our own games, but those are extremely ...
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24 Starcraft 2 thread - Come and talk about a Co-op mode that is ...
Well, Blizz aren't doing anything for SC2 now, so there will be no "Queen cost no supply ... Scythe of Amon, meanwhile, is just plain awful.
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25 Goon - WikiFur, the furry encyclopedia
It is notable that not all goons act this way -- Something Awful's rules explicitly state that defacing, harassing, or invading other forums or ...
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26 Criticism Independent of the Name - 2K Forums
Really...what it needs is something like Starcraft 2. ... "buzz" around the game is negative, especially if you go to the larger sites like Something Awful.
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27 what's so bad about Starcraft 2 cinematics? - Retired Forums
okay, I've had a few people tell me that the cinematics in Starcraft 2 are really bad and look like something from 5 years ago but I fail to ...
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28 StarCraft 2 QQ Thread -
second, your teammate might just be a bad player, dont need to rage over him, what if next game you play with a high masters guy or something ...
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29 Starcraft II - Total War Forums
So i may get it later one or something, but as much anticipation as ... You can play as all three races in multiplayer; since Starcraft 2 is ...
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30 Non-RPG General News - Free StarCraft 2 | Page 2 - RPGWatch
Starcraft 2 is a very classical Game in that way. Like with basically all the Real Time Strategies like Command and Conquer, Warcraft, ...
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31 PC Gaming Died a little today - Chit-Chat - ED Forums
Its a feature being added to Starcraft 2 where you can add ... list really isn't that bad of a feature, but its not exactly something that ...
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32 WoW clone - EVE Online | EVE Insider | Forums
and i wouldn't call Somethingawful an authority on gaming. all ... Elven units in warcraft riped form high elves (in warcraft 2) the elves ...
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33 Question - One specific game (Starcraft 2) has low FPS, can't ...
Came back and it seems that my FPS is horrible (1 FPS) once any game ... SC2 is only a 2 core game so I wonder if this has something to do ...
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34 Best Youtube Lets Plays? | Page 3 | RPGnet Forums
He mostly does Starcraft 2 but he mixes it up a lot with stuff like his Funday ... It's not a Youtube, but the Riviera LP on Something Awful's forums is ...
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35 SCM Draft 2 question (Topic) - Staredit Network
In a 'ScumEdit & Starcraft II' forum? ... it gives me a message saying "Something bad has happened, would you like to save a diagnostic file ...
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36 Most of the community is frustrating and bad - StarCraft II
haha some terrible baddie protoss I team with in 2v2 randoms calls ... But especially Starcraft II, a game that's supposed to be based off ...
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37 Starcraft II Sucks! - forum thread -
Worse, the design goals of SC2 are terrible. ... This sort of got me to thinking, how is something like SC2 a blockbuster hit, ...
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38 2022 Starcraft 2 Discussions, Offers & Promotions
View up-to-date forum discussions about Starcraft 2. RFD is your Canadian destination to find all hot deals, promotions and tips about Starcraft 2.
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39 Starcraft 2 - Page 10 - Strategy Game Discussion - Idle Forums
to be almost embarrassing to watch in their stupidity and awkwardness. See, now I'm wondering if it's just me having bad taste or lower ...
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40 Help me find a co-op game | [H]ard - HardForum
I was thinking of going with StarCraft 2, as neither of us have played ... effed up the multiplayer something awful, so we need a new plan.
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41 Finding out if a person is logged in an invisionfree forum?
O.o what is flaming anyways? is that like saying something bad or what? anyways. my bad. sowwy :(
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42 Let's Play Recommendations - Creative Corner - Zelda Universe
Oh, and he plays and commentates Starcraft 2 and LoL, ... following that miraculous Four Swords Adventures thread over at Something Awful?
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43 Forum:General discussion | StarCraft Wiki - Fandom
› wiki › Forum:General_di...
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44 - #61 by Tom_Ohle - Quarter To Three Forums
Starcraft + Xbox = Asian interest. ... It'll just gain scorn for NOT being Starcraft 2. ... Once again, Somethingawful sums it up best.
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45 Review: StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty - GP Forums
We've been doing little else but playing StarCraft II since early Tuesday ... it cuts the frame rate down by like 65% or something awful.
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46 Starcraft II errors out while loading a map - Page 2
See first: Bug 44920 - Starcraft II Arcade Crash during load. ... "sitting on my problems" since no forums seemed to have a solution hahaha.
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47 Starcraft 2! - Page 26 - The Heroes Round Table
See how bad that makes it sound? ... I fear this will roll onto the greater toe of Blizzard themself. And I who thought Blizzard were one of the ...
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48 New Mega64 Skit: Paperboy « General Discussion « Forum ...
I always laughed at the over-the-top obstacles in Paperboy 2 on the SNES. ... My computer blocks somethingawful because it falls under the Blocked category ...
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49 General Discussion - The game is to hard - Forum - Path of Exile
Give an enemy huge average damage or a "you'll never tank this" attack ... if the enemy's doing something bad, don't stand on/in front of it.
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50 Starcraft II - Unity Forum
On sale today? ... Whether or not I will buy the other 2 is something I will have to think ...
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51 What's so great about Starcraft 2? - Wildfire Games
On 01/07/2013 at 12:12 PM, RedFox said: Combat itself isn't horrible at all. It's actually very well balanced in the sense of every unit having ...
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52 Starcraft 2 | Page 4 | Smogon Forums
Does smogon make tourneys to compete in for SC2? ... be in the wood league or something. theres got to be another noob out there on smogon.
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53 General Lore Discussions - Storia e Gioco di Ruolo - Forum di ...
He did something bad, for good reasons. ... On starcraft 2, Raynor happens to find a planet under attack by the zerg, just then, a protoss judicator, ...
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54 Why am I so bad at Starcraft when so many are amazing.
Even in SC2, you'll need the speed, I'm sure. Its known as a fast paced RTS and that won't change. And SC is insane anyway. You would need a ...
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55 Not a rickroll - Urban Dictionary
The prank is considered funny because of the horrible dancing in this music ... Popularized by the SomethingAwful and World of Warcraft forums in March of ...
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56 StarCraft 2 General Discussion Forum -
› community › showforu...
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57 Top 10 Biggest Forums On The Internet And What They Earn ...
StarCraft 2 Pro Gaming News 20.7 mill/mo 19. NeoGAF 20.5 mill/mo ... Something Awful: The Internet Makes You Stupid 8.7 mill/mo 29. 7.6 mill/mo
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58 Blizzard down? Current outages and problems
The service was previously known as and enables online game-play for games including World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, Hearthstone and Heroes ...
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59 4chan / reddit / 9gag / Something Awful - Forum Jeux vidéo - Gamekult
Je n'ai pas fait Starcraft2, mais je pense que cette mini BD est axée sur la puissance des Marines de base dans SC2. Genre Léo sort des cas de figures complexe, ...
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60 Starcraft Source Thread | SpaceBattles
Dragoon design in SC2: #1267 ... Starcraft II: Devil's Due Tech/Info Analysis ( July 12, 2011 ) ... "I saw some horrible things on Char.
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... Battlefield Heroes Hacks, Battlefield Bad Company 2 (BC2) Hacks, Battlefield 3 (BF3) Hacks, Maplestory Hacks, Diablo 3 Hacks, Starcraft 2 Hacks, ...
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62 Quests | Sufficient Velocity
Want to take part in the new wave of cutting edge roleplaying? This is the place. Sub-forums. Creative Discussion & Worldbuilding.
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63 Weekend PC Download Deals for Dec. 2: Free Battlefield ...
If you've stayed away from this one after the initial bad buzz, this is a good time to dive in risk-free and see how far things have ...
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64 Forum Code of Conduct - Blizzard Support -
The code of conduct for Blizzard Entertainment forums. ... starcraft-II ... Listing you have something for trade and then offering your contact information.
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65 Video Games and the Law - Page 90 - Google Books Result
... 78nn29–31, 78n34 software 2–3, 4n3, 9, 13–14, 21n45, 27–33, 41, 42n14, 43n50, 50–1, 62nn15–16, 73, 81 Something Awful Forum 56–7 Sonic the Hedgehog 51, ...
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66 Good Luck Have Fun: The Rise of eSports - Google Books Result
55 “We joke about how StarCraft is bad for you”: All Nick Plott quotes ... 56 selling over 1.5 million copies: Matt Peckham, “StarCraft II Sales Top 1.5 ...
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67 Call of Duty players flock to buy “all-black” DLC skin, hide in ...
In StarCraft 2 there's the opposite problem: invisible units make a ... camo") effect only worked on AMD GPUs, or something like that.
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68 Diablo 4 Forums -
Diablo 4 ForumsDiablo II is an action role-playing hack-and-slash video game developed by Blizzard North and published by Blizzard Entertainment in 2000 for ...
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69 What is the most difficult type of competitive game? - ResetEra
I'll take the chance to watch competitive gaming when it's being streamed ... Also, hard reads are some of my favorite things to see happen.
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70 ESL: Home
Counter-Strike has never seen anything like it before. ... The EUR&MENA Season 2 Split 2 Finals, powered by @Snapdragon, starts NOW!! Are you ready!?
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71 Diablo 2 Resurrected Best Builds, Guides, and News - Icy Veins
Icy Veins provides detailed builds, guides, and news for Diablo 2 ... Here's some potentially bad news for the sale of Activision Blizzard to Microsoft, ...
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72 ZLOEmu
The Sims 4 360 · Diablo II: Resurrected 181 · Battlefield 4 142 · Battlefield 3 124 · The Sims 3 19 · Dead Space 3 14 · StarCraft: Remastered 11 · Two Point Hospital 2 ...
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73 Mods for Games - Mod DB
Kingdoms of Arda is a Singleplayer & Multiplayer total conversion of Mount & Blade II Bannerlord, that brings the world of Tolkien into the game. This...
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74 Slightly overloading a 12 foot aluminium boat - The Hull Truth
The Boating Forum - Slightly overloading a 12 foot aluminium boat - I ... I calculated with all the gear motor and 2 guys to be about 500lbs.
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75 These incredible LAN party photos remind us how much work ...
I am 31 years old, which means the images summon up something ... marathon Diablo 2 session under the watchful eyes of a Goodfellas poster, ...
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76 Flash Point 121: Bad Breath of the Wild - The Oceanic Gamer
– Assign a game game! ... – Jay's Twitter of you'd like a Titanfall 2 code! – Shout outs for our Facebook page, Twitter account, Simon's Twitter ...
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77 Rumor: Microsoft Likely to Offer Concessions to EU Soon Over ...
That's not how things work in the European Union. ... versions of old and future WarCraft/StarCraft and Tony Hawk games for all eternity.
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78 Imgur Italics - Abelsohn Technology Solutions
Farm everything document: http://bit. d2jsp Forums > Diablo II > Trading Grounds ... (If you're writing something out in longhand, the equivalent of italics ...
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79 StarCraft 2 Forums -
SC2 General ; GSL Super Tournament #2: RO16 Day 2 Preview (2022), ESPORTS, 15 ; searching for hero game, caroljankins, 2 ; WTL 2022 Winter - Week 8 Results/ ...
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80 StarCraft II Forum Index - RTS-Sanctuary
Learn how to improve your game style for StarCraft II by learning from experts, through replays, casters, ... Anything that doesn't fit in the other forums
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81 GameAxis Unwired - Nov 2008 - Page 10 - Google Books Result
j^i Our readers discuss the news that Starcraft ll's single player campaign will be released as three separate products.
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